Wallpaper Engine arrives on Android for those who want animated wallpapers


By many accounts, Wallpaper Engine is the best app on Windows for those who want to enjoy animated wallpapers. The app is filled with customization options, while also offering a slew of great community-curated wallpapers to choose from. A couple of months ago, the developers announced that an Android app was in the works, and the day has arrived where you can download and use Wallpaper Engine on your favorite Android phone.

Instead of simply releasing another wallpaper app onto the Play Store, Wallpaper Engine 2.0 actually integrates with the desktop application. And with it, you’ll enjoy a few different default wallpapers, some of which are simply animated, while others offer a 3D depth effect.

Wallpaper Engine can work as its own app without much of an issue, but if you want to make the most out of the experience, you can link the mobile, app with the Windows app. By doing so, you’ll be able to import your live wallpaper collection from your computer, and use the same great animated wallpapers on your Android phone of choice.

Here are some of the key features found with the Wallpaper Engine app released on the Play Store:

• Supports videos, GIFs and interactive 2D / 3D scenes as wallpapers.
• Connect to Wallpaper Engine on Windows to transfer your desktop library onto your phone.
• Allows you to customize the look and feel of your wallpapers.
• You can set up a playlist that automatically cycles your wallpapers in regular intervals or depending on the time of day.
• Wallpapers automatically pause when power savings mode is activated on your phone.
• The app is completely ad-free and also does not track your behavior.

Wallpaper Engine is available today on the Play Store and can be downloaded for free, and this is the recommended method for installing the app. However, those who prefer to side-load apps on their Android devices can head over to the developer’s website and download the APK file. But just as a reminder, you won’t receive automatic updates if you manually install the APK.


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