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If there are a lot of gadgets you want to buy but they’re a bit too expensive, then Black Friday is clearly a good time to look into it. This is because retailers usually run a lot of heavy promotions and discounts for Black Friday where you’ll be able to save a ton of money on the stuff you’ve been eyeing all year.

If a new pair of headphones has been on your list of things to get, then you might be interested to learn that SuperEQ will be running a Black Friday promotion for two of its headphones – the SuperEQ S1 and the SuperEQ S2.

SuperEQ Q2 PRO ANC TWS Earbuds
SuperEQ Q2 PRO ANC TWS Earbuds

Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation: SuperEQ Noise Cancelling Earbuds uses state-of-the-art hybrid active noise cancellation through feedback & feedforward microphones. Furthermore, the SuperEQ Team of engineers conducted more than 100, 000 tests in real-life scenarios to fine-tune SuperEQ Q2 Pro Wireless in-ear earbuds’ 4 built-in ANC microphones and digital active noise cancellation algorithm.

SuperEQ S1 noise cancelling headphones

Starting with the SuperEQ S1, these are a pair of stylish over-ear wireless noise cancelling headphones. For those unfamiliar, over-ear headphones are headphones where the earcups actually cup around your ear. This leads to better noise sealing and also better sound staging since it helps prevent outside noise from coming in.

For those looking for a more immersive listening experience, over-ear headphones are generally recommended (although it is still personal preference at the end of the day). According to SuperEQ, the S1 can reduce ambient noise by up to 95% and will be able to cancel out the sound of cars and airplanes.

They are also Hi-Res certified and offer up deep bass, so if songs with a lot of emphasis on the bass are your kind of jam, the S1s could be it. There is also a battery that promises up to 45 hours of playtime, which is pretty impressive.

The S1s will be priced during Black Friday starting on the 26th of November at 6:25am PT at $47.99 (23.8% discount) for the black model, and $46.74 (22.08% discount) for the white model, until the 26th of November at 6:25pm PT.

SuperEQ S1 noise cancelling headphones
  • [HYBRID Active Noise Cancellation] SuperEQ S1 Bluetooth over ear headphones, with the latest advanced Hybrid ANC technology...
  • [Hi-Res Audio & Deep Bass] The Hi-Res certified logo is for exceptional audio quality, awarded only to audio devices capable...

SuperEQ S2 on-ear noise cancelling headphones

Next up we have the SuperEQ S2. These are almost similar to the S1 in terms of some of its features like wireless connectivity and active noise cancellation. The main difference would be that these are on-ear headphones, which means that the earcups will rest on your ears. For those whose ears tend to get hot and sweat easily, the on-ear design might be a better fit.

In terms of features, SuperEQ has designed the headphones to look bright and funky and almost retro-like. The noise cancelling feature of the S2 isn’t quite as powerful as it will only cancel up to 75% of ambient sound, but if you prefer maintaining some level of environmental awareness, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

In terms of battery life, the S2 will offer up to 25 hours of playback and can also be folded flat and placed into its accompanying pouch when you’re on the move. The headphones are priced at $33.99 (29.17% discount) for the black model, and $39.08 (21.8% discount) for the green model. Its Black Friday sale will begin at 12:15am PST on the 26th of November and will run until 12:15amPST the next day.

SuperEQ S2 on-ear noise cancelling headphones
  • Enjoy the Youthful Noise Cancelling Headphones: Why should ANC headphones be formal business style? Why are sound cancelling...
  • Reduce Ambient noise by up to 75%: Adopting ANC digital audio processing system and Qualcomm 3003 chip, SuperEQ S2 captures...

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