Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 might not come with an S Pen slot


One of the defining features of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series phones is a slot dedicated for the S Pen stylus. But this wasn’t a feature that Samsung brought to other phones when they eventually expanded support for the S Pen. We did hear rumors that this could actually come to the Galaxy S22 next year, but it might skip the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

This is according to reports out of South Korea in which they claim that with the Galaxy Z Fold 4 coming in 2022, Samsung might not give it a dedicated slot for the S Pen. This means that those who want to use the S Pen with the phone will have to keep the stylus separately which can be rather troublesome as it is possible that they might lose it or might break it.

There is some reason to hope though, because the report also claims that the design of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 hasn’t been finalized yet. This means there is a chance that things could change ahead of the final design and production, so maybe, just maybe, the S Pen slot could make an appearance.

It actually doesn’t really make sense why Samsung would equip the Galaxy S22 with an S Pen slot but not the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Perhaps it could be due to the design where there might not be enough space and that adding a dedicated slot for the stylus could make the already-thick phone even thicker.

Either way, we’ll probably have to wait until 2022 to find out, so take this with a grain of salt for now.

Source: GSMArena

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