Latest One UI 4 beta comes to the Galaxy S21 with a slew of bug fixes


Just yesterday, Samsung opened the One UI 4 beta program for owners of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3. This came a few weeks after the update arrived for Galaxy S21 owners, and now we’re on the fourth beta release. With the latest beta update, Samsung is clearly focusing on cleaning things as we get closer to the final release of One UI 4 and Android 12 on the best Samsung phones of 2021.

This latest update is a rather hefty one, coming in at 807.27MB and providing the following firmware versions:

  • G998BXXU3ZUK1 (Galaxy S21)
  • G998BOXM3ZUK1 (Galaxy S21 Plus)
  • G99xBXXU3ZUK1 (Galaxy S21 Ultra)

We don’t have any major additions like Beta 3 which introduced dynamic theming with Material You, but instead is filled with bug fixes for various aspects of the software. Here’s the full changeling (via XDA Developers):

  • Removed the stretch effect when “overscroll” was operated
  • Removed a pop-up window that appeared after the first start of the application
  • After setting the screen resolution to WQHD, performance of the device slightly decreased
  • Frame drop issue when the alarm went off
  • WIFI and hotspot were not turned on in certain situations
  • Screen blurring issue when unlocking the device
  • Issue that two call logs were generated when making a call
  • Fingerprint recognition issue after rebooting the phone
  • Issue that WIFLAP search didn’t work in certain situations
  • Phone restart during a voice call
  • Issue that keypad was forcely closed
  • When closing all the Recent apps, the One UI
  • Home was terminated and rebooted
  • Fixed other minor issues

Samsung has also updated the following apps via this software release:

  • Samsung Kids
  • Voice Recorder
  • Samsung Internet
  • Samsung Members
  • Smart Switch
  • Calculator

Finally, the update includes the November 1 security patch, providing Galaxy S21 owners with the latest Android Security Patch from Google. If you are already on the One UI 4 beta train, you should see the update arrive within the next couple of days if it’s not already available.


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