Google plans to fix the Pixel 6 screen flickering later this year


Here at Phandroid, we’re still working on running the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro through their paces before posting our full review, but there is one issue that seems to be plaguing quite a few users out there. Some Pixel 6 Pro owners on Reddit have started noticing a weird screen flickering issue when their phones are turned off and the power button is pressed. It looks as though there’s some type of static discharge taking place, but the bulk of affected users seem to be 6 Pro owners.

When the issues began appearing, many Pixel fans started getting frustrated as it seems that there is something “wrong” with every new Pixel phone. And while that trend technically is continuing, it doesn’t appear to be a hardware-specific defect. Instead, an official response has been posted to the Pixel Phone Help Forums, stating that an official fix will be arriving with a software update in December.

What is it? 
  • Pixel 6 Pro users may notice slight, transient display artifacts when the device is turned off, and when they press on the power button with slight pressure but not enough to turn it on.
User Notice 
  • To avoid seeing this, when the power is off, do not cycle the power button. When you want to use the phone, hold the power button down long enough to turn it on.
  • This does not represent an issue with the phone hardware. 

When will this be fixed – the December software update for Pixel 6 Pro.

This post also confirms that it is not, in fact, a hardware issue, so we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief. What is rather surprising is the fact that we have to wait until December before the update will arrive, but nevertheless, at least Google has acknowledged the issue and will be issuing a fix. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that there aren’t any more issues that appear.

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