Palm is the latest company to try its hand at wireless earbuds


It’s been a little while since we’ve heard anything from Palm, following the release of its mini smartphone back in 2018. But the company is back in 2021, and it’s not with another phone. Instead, Palm is entering the headphone market with its introduction of the Palm Buds Pro.

  • 10mm dynamic drivers
  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation
  • IPX4 (earbuds)
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Charging: USB-C
  • Battery: up to 6 hours with ANC on/off, 3 additional charges with the case
  • Size: 34.5 x 19 x 23mm (buds), 51 x 45 x 27mm (case)
  • Weight: 4.1g (buds), 28.2g (case)

These truly-wireless earbuds look similar to what we’ve seen recently from Nothing and OnePlus with the ear (1) and OnePlus Buds Pro, respectively. Powered by 10mm dynamic drivers, the Palm Buds Pro are touted as offering “studio grade sound”, as these have been tuned by the company’s sound engineers.

Active Noise Cancellation is onboard, along with “Environmental Noise Cancellation”, and an Ambient Mode. This is all achieved by the dual microphones used for ENC, along with three microphones being built into each earbud. Bluetooth 5.0 and “Hall Switch” makes for easy connectivity and pairing, while the Buds Pro also support either Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri.

There’s IPX4 water and sweat resistance, making these another solid option for those looking for a new set of workout earbuds. Battery life is rated for up to six hours on a single charge, and that’s reduced to five hours if ANC is enabled. Add in the charging case and you’ll get more than 24 hours of juice before you’ll need to throw it back on the charger.

In terms of controls, Palm opted for touch sensitive gestures, as you just tap the buds to enable the different sound modes, skip songs, or answer calls. And unlike other earbuds which can’t actually be turned off unless they go to sleep automatically, you can use the touch gestures to turn the Palm Buds Pro off.

The Palm Buds Pro are available for pre-order directly from Palm, and if you order them today, you’ll save $30 off the retail price of $130. In addition to saving you some money, Palm is also offering a bundle that includes a protective silicone case and additional ear tips for a total of just $113.99. These pre-order deals are only available until November 9th, when the Buds Pro will arrive at more retailers.

Palm Buds Pro


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