SuperEQ S1 Headphones: noise canceling headphones that won’t break the bank


It’s safe to say that if you were to Google “noise-canceling headphones”, you’ll be shown so many different brands and models that it can feel overwhelming. Some of these brands are pretty well known in the headphones world, but at the same time, they can also be pretty expensive.

If you’re after a pair of noise-canceling headphones that are also feature-rich that aren’t too expensive, then perhaps the SuperEQ S1 headphone (use discount code PHANDROID to get 20% off) could be just what the doctor ordered. The good news is that SuperEQ delivers all the featured you’d want from a pair of high-end headphones at a price that’s significantly lower than what you’d expect.

SuperEQ S1 specs

  • Active Noise Cancellation Type: Hybrid active noise canceling
  • Noise Reduction Depth: 28~33 dB
  • Playtime 1: 50 hours (wired noise-canceling mode)
  • Playtime 2: 45 hours (Bluetooth mode)
  • Playtime 3: 40 hours (Bluetooth noise-canceling mode)
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz
  • Bluetooth Range: ≥33 feet (10-meter)
  • Speaker Diameters: 40mm
Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones-SuperEQ S1 Bluetooth 5.0
  • [HYBRID Active Noise Cancellation] SuperEQ S1 Bluetooth over ear headphones, with the latest advanced Hybrid ANC technology...
  • [Hi-Res Audio & Deep Bass] The Hi-Res certified logo is for exceptional audio quality, awarded only to audio devices capable...


When it comes to headphone design, there is a reason why some companies opt for the designs that they have chosen. For example, higher-end audiophile headphones could opt for an open-back design which is said to allow for your music to sound more clear and natural.

Then you have brands that create designs that are clearly meant to look more striking and fashionable so that you can wear them while on the go and look fashionable without people staring at you.

If the latter is something you think best suits your sense of fashion and aesthetics, then the SuperEQ S1 headphone seems to be leaning towards that direction. The S1 is offered in a black and white finish with a red inner trim to help give it that pop of color without being too obvious.

It also sports a band that creates a very seamless look which can also be extended to accommodate different head sizes. The headphones have also been crafted out of metal so if you’re worried about the band breaking or snapping off, short of you intentionally bending or twisting it to its breaking point, this isn’t something you’ll have to be concerned about.

The folding hinge design is also perfect to ensure the headphones don’t snap in half if you’re planning on throwing them into your backpack or purse. It also allows the headphones to take up significantly less room in a bag, making them the perfect travel companion for a long trip. The buttons on the right headphone cup give you quick controls to play or pause your music, change the song your listening to and control the power and noise cancelation options that are built-in.

Hi-Res audio certified

Apart from its looks, obviously one of the more important aspects of a pair of headphones would be its sound quality. According to the company, the SuperEQ S1 Headphone has been Hi-Res Certified.

This is not a very easy certification to obtain and basically, means that the headphones are capable of playing back high-quality audio. If you generally prefer to listen to audio files of higher quality, higher than that of your standard MP3 format, then the S1 headphones will be capable of supporting that, allowing you to enjoy music as the artist had originally intended with significantly more detail than what regular MP3 files or streaming media services like YouTube Music and Spotify are capable of delivering.

The S1 also claims to offer a deep bass sound, and given that they are a pair of over-ear headphones with a closed-back design, you should be able to enjoy deeper and more thumpy bass if that’s your jam, allowing you to feel the beat and truly immerse yourself in the audio experience.

Hybrid noise-canceling technology

In addition to being Hi-Res audio certified, the S1 offers noise-canceling technology. According to the company, this is thanks to the design of the headphones which uses 2 feed-forward and 2 feedback active noise-canceling microphones. This will help reduce ambient noise by as much as 33dB, effectively drowning out sounds from the outside like the hum of airplane engines or a busy city street.

SuperEQ is offering a couple of different modes of noise-canceling, such as an Outdoor mode for when you’re walking outdoors and want to drown out the sound of traffic, and also an Indoor mode like when you’re at a cafe and you want to tune out the sound of people talking around you.

The noise-canceling tech doesn’t just work for the headphones, but also the microphone where it’ll cut out the ambient noise to allow your voice to come through clearer when you’re on a call or if you’re video conferencing.

If you do need to hear what’s going on on the outside, the S1 also comes with an ambient sound mode that the company is calling “Bionic Hearing”. This basically allows sound to pass through the headphones so that you can hear people talking to you without having to take the headphones off and interrupting your music listening. This feature is perfect for when you’re ordering something from a coffee shop or are wearing the headphones in a store.

Wired and wireless connectivity

Most headphones these days are leaning towards wireless connectivity. This is largely due to handset manufacturers ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack, and in a way it’s not a bad thing since cables can be annoying at times.

But in case you prefer a wired connection (some believe it offers better quality audio), the S1 will be able to connect to your devices either through a wired connection or a wireless connection that relies on Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

Having these options is a good thing because in addition to giving users a choice, it will also come in handy when the headphones are low on battery but you still want to enjoy your tunes.

Speaking of battery, the S1 claims to offer 40-45 hours of playtime so short of you listening to audio non-stop, it should be able to last you several days or even a week without the need to recharge. If you do need to recharge, a relatively quick charge time of 2 hours will let you start to enjoy your tunes again.

Pricing & availability

If the SuperEQ S1 headphones sound like something you might be interested in, then you’ll also be pleased to learn that they are actually very affordable. Priced at $60, these are some of the cheaper noise-canceling headphones we’ve come across and with all the features we’ve mentioned, it sounds like a pretty great deal.

Sure, there are hundreds of headphone options available for $60, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a pair that’s as feature-rich as the SuperEQ S1. Noise-canceling earphones are getting cheaper and cheaper by the day, but most other options are at least $30-$50 more expensive, making the SuperEQ S1 one of the best budget-friendly headphones you can currently buy.

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