Engraving just got easier with the Aufero Laser 1 laser engraving machine


A quick search on Etsy and you’ll be able to find all kinds of handcrafted goodies, whether it be keychains, wallets, decorative plates, and more. A lot of times, these are individual sellers looking to sell their handcrafted items, and if you’re keen on heading down that path with some custom engraved merch, then obviously you’re going to need an engraving machine.

You might balk at the idea because it sounds like it’s going to be an expensive investment, not to mention if you’re not that technically proficient, it sounds like it might add unnecessary complications, but fret not, Ortur’s Aufero Laser 1 engraving machine is here to save the day.

Perfect for beginners

A lot of these types of industrial machines can sound and look very intimidating from the jump, and we don’t blame you if you feel a bit overwhelmed when you start searching for these types of machines, but that’s the appeal of Ortur’s Aufero Laser 1.

For starters, unlike other engraving machines, the Aufero Laser 1 actually comes pre-assembled out of the box. This means that if you’re worried about setting it up wrongly, you won’t have to worry about that and it makes it perfectly suitable for absolute beginners with zero foundation.

If you run into any issues or have questions about the machine, Ortur has a user community with over 20,000 members who will be more than happy to help you out.

The company has also put together a ton of videos that are freely available that will guide you through the process of adjusting the focus, cleaning the modules, and everything you need to know to setup and maintain your machine.

Advanced technology ensures faster and smoother engraving

The premise of engraving is pretty straightforward, and in this case, the Aufero Laser 1 uses a laser to essentially burn away at the material to help create shapes, drawings, or words. This is made possible thanks to the use of advanced technologies, like the 9th generation Ortur 32-bit motherboard.

The company claims that the use of their latest motherboard ensures that the machine operates faster and smoother, while also ensuring that the engraving and cutting process is more precise. There are also various laser modules that users can buy for different needs.

Ortur has also included the latest version of the machine’s firmware that ensures the precision of the grayscale of the engraving, making it comparable to the company’s higher-end machines like the Laser Master 2 Pro.

The LU2 series laser module that the machine uses uses a 2nd gen Focus Compressed Laser Module, which will be able to cut through relatively thick material like a 6mm thick plywood or an 8mm pine board in a single pass.

Speaking of materials, the Aufero Laser 1 will be able to work with a wide variety of materials. We’re talking about wood, glass, stone, oxidized metal, stainless steel, ceramic tiles, corkwood, paper, acrylic, plywood, leather, and even food!

It also supports the Ortur Laser 1.8 series firmware. The 1.8 series firmware is the most advanced firmware for Ortur. The firmware ensures the precision and grayscale of the engraving, ensuring that the engraving effect is the same as that of the Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro.

Safe to use

The idea of using lasers to burn through something sounds dangerous, and it can be dangerous if not done properly or if not handled correctly. Ortur has equipped the laser module with a laser shield and also uses a 24V electric system that has a lower current to ensure safety.

The machine is also smart enough to detect when it has been displaced or tilted so that when that happens, the laser will be stopped automatically to prevent accidents or mishaps. It also takes into account when your computer crashes during the engraving process, which will also stop the laser.

There are also other safety features like exposure duration detection, so when the machine detects that the motors aren’t moving for a while, it will cut power to the laser module to prevent accidental fires.

After-sales support in both the US and EU

In addition to having a thriving user community for its products, Ortur also offers after-sales support in both the US and Europe available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This means that regardless of your timezone, you’ll always be able to find a company representative who’s ready to help you.

Don’t miss the promotional campaign

If at the end of this article you’re keen on picking up the Aufero Laser 1 engraving machine, you might be a bit concerned about pricing, but you’re in luck. This is because from the 18th October to the 17th of November 2021, the company is running a promotional campaign.

The company will be offering the Aufero Laser 1 in three different laser module configurations for various needs.

In addition, they’ll also be offering a total of 150 units of the Ortur YRR rotary roller, where they’ll give one unit away a day for the first five orders everyday.

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