Anycubic Vyper is a great way to get into 3D printing


In the past if you ever wanted to make something to sell yourself, or maybe you wanted to create a prototype of a product you plan to manufacture, you’d either have to have access to your own factory and production line, or you’d have to find another company to do it for you.

Usually, with small-scale productions, many companies would be reluctant to take your business as it is simply not profitable, or if they were, they would usually charge you quite a lot for it. This means that trying to test your prototype and product’s feasibility might be challenging, especially if you’re just starting out.

This is where 3D printing comes in. The tech has exploded in popularity in the past few years, thanks largely to the price of 3D printers going down, and with there being more resources available to those who are just starting out.

This has led to entrepreneurs who are creating all kinds of things from the comfort of their bedroom, which they are then selling on platforms like Etsy to make some money on the side. If you’re keen to get into 3D printing, then perhaps you might be interested in taking a look at Anycubic’s Vyper 3D printer.

Perfect for beginners

We know that as a beginner looking to get into 3D printing, a lot of the terms and specs and jargons used might be very confusing and to a certain extent, intimidating. Also, as a beginner, you might not know what kind of features to look out for and whether or not that more expensive model might be a good investment.

With the Vyper, Anycubic is certainly trying to make things as easy as possible for beginners that won’t frustrate them during the printing process.

This includes a heated print bed that keeps the plastic warm and slightly pliable so that it can adhere better to the surface and also to ensure better quality. It also features a touch screen display with a UI that’s simple and straightforward, plus the company is including an SD card in the kit so that you’re pretty much ready to go right out of the box.

The installation and setup process is also pretty easy and straightforward as well. You basically need to attach the frames together and plug in the motors and the other electronics, but as the data cable routes the connections close to each endpoint, it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure it out.

Auto leveling

Another feature that Anycubic has included in the Vyper that caters to beginners, while also being extremely convenient for hobbyists and enthusiasts, is the ability for the printer to auto-level the printing bed.

The bed of the 3D printer is obviously an important aspect of the printer because that’s where all your prints take place. By not leveling the bed, you could end up with prints that are messed up or inaccurate because the bed is not level.

Generally speaking it is advised that you should level the bed every 5-10 prints just to be safe, but for beginners we imagine that this could be tricky, so an auto-leveling feature will save users a lot of time trying to figure it out themselves.

Small footprint, but support large prints

The Anycubic Vyper is definitely one of the smaller 3D printers we’ve seen, and some of you might be a bit put off by the size because you might think that for such a small printer, it can only print small items.

That is not the case here because the Vyper actually supports 245 * 245 * 260mm prints, meaning that while the overall size of the printer itself is small, it can support decently sized prints, so if you’re 3D printing as a beginner or starting out in the hobby, you won’t need to struggle to find room for it.

High-performing, but silent

To power the Vyper, Anycubic has chosen to equip the printer with a new 32-bit motherboard and a Cortex-M3 main control chip. According to Anycubic, this will make the printer print both faster and smoother. That’s great, but wouldn’t that also lead to the printer being noisy when performing at higher levels?

Anycubic has thought of that and has also included the TMC2209 silent driver that will help reduce the noise that the printer might make during the printing process.

Pricing and availability

If Anycubic’s Vyper 3D printer sounds like the perfect place for you to start your 3D printing journey, it is available via the company’s website where it is priced at $359.

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