Amazing Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite deal will save you $65


While our phones can read e-books, they’re hardly the best form factor. While the displays of our phones have gotten bigger, they’re still a bit too small to comfortably read books on. Plus, phone displays aren’t exactly the most energy efficient either and you could find yourself draining a fair amount of battery over time.

This is why e-readers are great. Not only are they more comfortable on your eyes, but they’re the perfect size for carrying around, plus they offer amazing battery life. If you think an e-reader is next on your list of things to purchase, then don’t miss this deal on Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite.

This is because Amazon has discounted the Essentials Bundle which comes with a protective cover down from its original price of $180 to $115. This is a 36% savings which translates to $65. It’s a pretty good deal for an e-reader, so check it out if this sounds like something you might be interested in.

Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle
  • The thinnest, lightest Kindle Paperwhite yet—with a flush-front design and 300 ppi glare-free display that reads like real...
  • Now waterproof, so you’re free to read and relax at the beach, by the pool, or in the bath.

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