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In the age of instant gratification, there are dozens of ways to buy things on Amazon before you even have your paycheck. However, one of the best inventions of all in recent years has been Afterpay, a revolutionary way to shop online with ease. Ever used Afterpay? 

Well, it’s an app that allows you to buy what you want now and pay for it in 4 equal payments. It’s a great alternative to credit or debit cards when shopping online because if the item doesn’t work out, you don’t have to worry about paying anything extra.

Ready to explore more? Then keep reading below where we have compiled a list of the 5 best items that are worth buying with Afterpay on amazon. But before, let’s get acquainted with the app if you still don’t know how it works, so here it goes!

What is Afterpay?

Afterpay is a pioneering new way to shop for those who are always on the go. It’s an app, introduced in 2016 by Amazon itself as one of its many innovations designed specifically with busy individuals like you and me in mind! 

With this amazing service, we can purchase goods online without having any sort of extra cost because it’ll be charged at checkout from your card automatically – no matter how much something costs or when they deliver it. 

The best part is that they allow you to pay for your things with 4 simple installments within 60 days of shopping,  so there should never again be anything holding us back while browsing through all these great deals available just waiting patiently over here at Amazon.

How does it work? 

How does Afterpay work? It’s an easy and hassle-free method complying with the following procedure:

  • Use the app on your phone to purchase items from retailers who are partnered with Afterpay. 
  • The cost of your item will be split into four equal payments, which are then due every fortnight 
  • These repayments are automatically deducted from your bank account or credit card – no need for a separate repayment plan and there’s no interest rate.
  • There’s a $10 minimum payment and a $150 maximum payment each month 
  • You can use it at all leading Australian retailers – including Myer, JB Hi-Fi, Woolworths, Target, and Big W.
  • Once you have paid off your order in full, they’ll send you an email confirming that it’s been shipped.
  • If the retailer doesn’t ship within 14 days of ordering then they will refund your money back to your card.
  • The items will be delivered straight to your door from our warehouse. You don’t need to wait around for delivery drivers – they won’t even know where you live! 
  • It’s free if the total cost of what you’re buying is less than $150 (excluding postage). Otherwise, there’s a small service fee which varies depending on how much money has already been spent through Afterpay in that particular month.

6 Things to Buy with Afterpay on Amazon

Pentair Fleck 5600SXT Water Softeners

All the water softeners by Pentair have unique features. However, Pentair’s WS48-56sxt10 offers a perfect balance of convenience, efficiency, and performance. The Water Sentry Technology provides 24/7 monitoring for your family’s water needs. In addition, the Fleck 5600 series has been installed in over 15 million homes since 1974 with 98% satisfaction rate.

With the ability to handle up to 48,000 grains of salt at once and 1.5 cubic ft. of resin already in the tank, this one device will take care of all your home or office’s needs for years before needing an upgrade. 

The only thing that will keep you from buying it is its sky-reaching price. But worry not, that problem can also be solved as you now have Afterpay by your side. So take a look at its key features and give it a go:

  • Features an LCD screen and comes with a remote control
  • Has the capacity to soften up to 200 gallons of water per day
  • Includes a bypass valve that allows you to use untreated water if necessary
  • Includes two filters – one 10″ sediment filter and one 2″ carbon block filter
  • Features a durable resin tank, which can be easily replaced when needed
  • Features a unique salt storage design that eliminates the need for an outside feeder tank

AmazonBasics Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

With AmazonBasics Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, you’ll never miss another big chorus! This compact and lightweight speaker streams music from any Bluetooth-enabled device such as your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, making it a perfect piece for any music lover. 

So, without any further ado, let’s give a glance at the key features of this product to decide further whether the item is worth buying with Amazon Afterpay or not:

  • It can stream music up to 30 feet (10 meters) away.
  • Includes two internal 3W speakers and a built-in microphone for hands-free calls via this little powerhouse’s built-in mic.
  • Boasts 15 hours of uninterrupted wireless play on one charge.
  • A USB charging cable included – perfect for traveling light without sacrificing sound quality.

RMR-141 Disinfectant and Cleaner

When you’ve got a mess, RMR-141 is the answer. It disrupts the bonds that hold dirt, bacterial and viruses, mold spores to surfaces so they can be easily rinsed off with water or wiped away without scrubbing.

RMR-141 easily lifts away dirt and stains without leaving behind streaks or spots. Not only does it make your clothes cleaner but will also keep them brighter longer by removing stubborn soil particles that could dull colors. Your home will thank you when you use this innovative disinfectant for all of its surfaces, including hard floors!

Plus if your dishes are not thoroughly clean after washing, then they are sure to be spotless with RMR-141 in no time flat. It lasts so long because it stays on until the next time, too—all without any surface residue even after repeated scrubbing during tough drain clogs or oven spills!

  • With just one application, kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses
  • Eliminates mold and mildew
  • Removes stains without scrubbing
  • Killer to insects
  • Works well on all surfaces, including metals, plastics and painted surfaces
  • The perfect disinfectant for the bathroom or kitchen- it leaves no streaks! 
  • Effective against bacteria like MRSA (multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) 
  • Easy to use; make sure to read instructions carefully before each use

Samsung Galaxy S21+ 

Forget that old clunky phone you’re still carrying around. It’s time to get with the times and upgrade to a sleek, new Samsung Galaxy S21+. This device has everything you need to take your life on the go! But if you’re just hesitant because you won’t be able to pay for it in the first go, then let go of the worry pals. Just install the Afterpay app and buy it with complete ease from amazon, because it has really got some remarkable features for you, which you won’t wanna miss out on just because you can pay it upfront.

  • Features an impressive 6.7 inches Quad HD Infinity display
  • Includes 128GB of storage, 8GB of RAM
  • The phone’s camera packs 64 megapixels for photos and videos
  • Also offers the facility of optical image stabilization for blur-free shots
  • includes built-in facial recognition and iris scanning to secure private information inside apps
  • Supports wireless charging so that no matter where you are in the world, your battery will always be full

LG OLED65A1PUA Alexa Built-in A1 Series

Choose LG’s latest OLED65A1PUA class A1 series smart TV, with all of the true-to-life detail and contrast of premium 4K AI. With over 8 million pixels so fine you’ll barely know they’re there, this revolutionary display brings content to life right in front of your eyes. 

The brightness recovers quickly after a bright image, catching every minute detail with the amazing picture quality on the web, on-screen, or even on social media making it a must to buy with amazon Afterpay. Comes with many more extraordinary features, but let’s have look at a few of the key ones, shall we?

  • Features Dolby Vision and HDR10+ for enhanced picture quality
  • Its 4K Ultra HD resolution delivers the highest level of detail.
  • A high-quality sound-bar with Dolby Atmos – transform any room into a cinema experience.
  • A built-in Alexa speaker, so you can use your voice to control your TV.
  • Capability to pair up with other Google Assistant products like Google Home or Nest thermostats.

Cuisinart Electric Griddle

Did you know that the Cuisinart Electric Griddle is one of Amazon’s top sellers? That’s because it has a sleek and streamlined design with an easy-to-clean nonstick cooking surface. It heats up quickly and evenly, which means you’ll never have to worry about your food sticking or burning. 

So if you are a cooking maniac and want something extraordinary to add to your kitchen to enhance your cooking experience, then this electric griddle is for sure gonna provoke you to buy it once you lay your eyes on the features it has to offer.

  • The Griddle offers six cooking options in one: contact grill, Panini press, full griddle, full grill, half grill/half griddle, and top melt.
  • Each of the 6 preset positions has an adjustable cover that locks for storage once your work is complete
  • Dual-zone temperature control will allow for searing food at 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Comes with removable and reversible nonstick plates so you won’t have to worry about food sticking.

Summing Up

Afterpay is a great way to finance your purchase without having to worry about paying upfront. However, if it’s your first time using Afterpay, then it’s better to take the steps wisely. There are a few points that Afterpay users might consider before making their purchases: 

  • You can’t use Afterpay to buy things from overseas.
  • Afterpay is only available for certain products and retailers.
  • If you don’t pay off your purchase in full, you’ll be charged interest at a higher rate than the standard credit card interest rates.
  • There’s no way to stop payments or reverse them if something goes wrong with your order.
  • The retailer has access to your bank account details and will take money out each month until the balance is paid up.
  • Your purchases are not covered by Qantas Frequent Flyer points, because they’re treated as cash transactions rather than normal retail transactions.

Given the above aspects and considerations, it is always suggested to start your first-time purchasing with Afterpay with some of the best deals available on amazon such as the ones discussed in this blog post, so that if under any circumstances, anything goes wrong you won’t have to suffer a big loss.

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