T-Mobile will soon offer same day in-store repairs across 500 locations, with more to come


Unless you own an iPhone and are near an Apple Store or Best Buy, getting your Android phone repaired has almost always been a pain. T-Mobile subscribers are getting ready to get a solution to that problem in a big way, starting on November first. The carrier has announced that starting on November 1st, you will be able to take your phone into get repaired and could get it back in the same day.

The normal process for getting your phone repaired usually involves shipping it off to a third-party. This usually leaves you without a phone for a couple of weeks, as you need to wait for the phone to arrive, get repaired, hope that all of the parts are available, and then get the phone back.

With this new initiative, T-Mobile is cutting out the need to wait around for weeks, and instead, you could get your phone back that day. Plus, T-Mobile and Assurant promise that these repairs will be completed with “manufacturer-approved parts”, so you won’t have to worry about incompatible parts being used.

Unfortunately, this new program isn’t arriving at every T-Mobile location. Instead, T-Mobile is “upgrading 500 stores across the country.” It’s doing so in a partnership with Assurant, but does state that “more locations” will be upgraded with this in-store repair shop.

In addition to making this announcement, T-Mobile also announced a pretty major upgrade to its “Protection” insurance plan for subscribers. Before, you were limited to three claims every 12 months, but now, you’ll be able to process and use up to five claims per year. When looking at insurance add-on plans from other carriers, and even Apple, you’re limited to either two or three claims per year. So if you have a penchant for cracking your phone every couple of months, having the ability to use five claims is a nice added touch.


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