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Spice up your desk setup with Govee’s Ambient RGBWW table lamp


A desk is where we get a lot of our work and studying done, whether we’re typing up reports for work or school, researching a topic, playing games, watching movies, we spend an extraordinary amount of time in front of our desks. This means that it might be a good idea to invest in a good quality desk, and also accessories that will make us feel more comfortable and energized.

A good way to start would be smart lighting. Imagine being able to wake up for work or school and your desk is all illuminated and ready for you to kickstart your day. Or maybe you want to set the mood for a movie or game, and that’s what smart lights can help you do by setting schedules, adjusting brightness, color, and more, all from your smartphone.

Sounds good? If it does, then maybe Govee’s ambient RGB table lamp could be the perfect place to start.

Tons of cool effects

In addition to being able to change its colors, the Govee RGBWW Portable Table Lamp also has a bunch of different lighting effects to play around with. You can create a bonfire effect, fireworks, candlelight, and more, so there are various scenes you can mess around with instead of just sticking to one color.

It will also be capable of syncing to your music, so if you feel the need to have a little disco party in your room, the Govee RGBWW Portable Table Lamp is more than up to the task.

Go wireless

Another problem with smart lighting is that most of the time it needs to be plugged in. Thankfully, that isn’t an issue with the Govee RGBWW Portable Table Lamp. This is because the lamp runs on batteries where it comes with an internal 3,350mAh battery that will help keep the lights powered on.

This also means that users have more freedom when it comes to choosing where they want to place the lamp, so they don’t need to worry about having access to a wall outlet, plus it might also be useful when you’re out camping.

Affordable smart lighting

The problem with some smart lighting products is that they’re expensive and they might also require you to own a lamp that has the correct fitting, and ultimately this means more expenses.

With the Govee RGBWW Portable Table Lamp, this is a lamp and smart bulb combined into a single package and is only priced at $50. Yup, this entire setup will cost you only $50 which we reckon is quite a steal.

As it features RGBWW LED technology, it also means that users will have 16 million vibrant colors to choose from, or if you’re just after something a bit more simple, it can also vary in color temperature from warmer yellows to brighter whites. It also supports both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa as its digital assistants of choice, meaning that you can control it using your voice (assuming you choose the WiFi version).

Govee Ambient Portable Smart Light, LED Dimmable Bluetooth Table Lamp
  • Millions of Beautiful Colors: Gather around this table lamp's soft, warm, vivid glow. RGBWW LED technology gives 16 million...
  • Completely Portable: Unplug this table lamp and bring it along with you for lighting anywhere in your home. Rechargeable...

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