Samsung shows off its new prototype stretchable display


Samsung is one of the leading display manufacturers in the world right now. The company is responsible for many display panels used in TVs, computers, smartphones, tablets, and more. They are also using their own products, like the Samsung Galaxy Z and Flip phones which feature the use of foldable displays.

But it seems that Samsung isn’t stopping at a display that can fold. In a report from ETNews, during the Global TEch Korea 2021 expo, Samsung Display showed off a new working prototype of a display that can be stretched.

This means that instead of folding or being rolled up, this display can be stretched and morphed into a bigger display, or it can even turn a 2D display into a 3D one, like you can see in the video below.

This isn’t Samsung’s first rodeo when it comes to stretchable displays. The company showed off something back in 2017, but it seems that they have come a long way since, where this newer display supports a higher resolution and can flex a bit more.

So why on earth would anyone want such a display? According to Samsung, some potential uses for stretchable displays could be for wearables. Imagine a smartwatch or smart band that could stretch around your wrist to provide you with the right fit.

It could also be used for cars, IoT devices, or it could even be used as an accessibility feature for smartphone users who might be visually impaired.

There is no word on when this stretchable display will become a commercialized product, but it’s cool to think of the various possibilities where such a display could be used.

Source: Android Authority

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