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The majority of the business card printing services that you will come across these days are pretty much consumer-focused. But when it comes to GotPrint, the application is entirely different from the rest. It’s because the application stands out to be a lot more of a business-oriented printing solution, and many companies have claimed to be pretty impressed with GotPrint.

The GotPrint Mobile App surely is one of the best applications, which is ideal for all types of businesses in the market. The app has several features, which we’d like to share with you so that you can make up your own mind 

1. Simple Checkout & Sign Up Process

When using GotPrint for the first time, you will not face any problems when creating a brand-new account. The process is pretty simple, and once you have made one, you can easily store all your essential information, including billing and shipping addresses, safely within the account. On the other hand, the preferred credit/debit card data can also be pre-selected on the application for a hassle-free and easy experience.

2. Uploading Files From Anywhere at Anytime

You have the full power to select all your desired product according to your needs and also tap to select the orientation. Apart from that, you can swipe to check out all the available sizes and choose the paper stock while comparing all the prizes. The uploading work will take a matter of seconds, and you can do so on-the-go. 

3. Free Sample Kit

If you are using the GotPrint App for the first time, you, as a newbie, can order a free sample kit from the application directly. The sample kit is completely free and it carries many unique material and paper offerings from GotPrint.

4. Browse All Print Products with Ease

The GotPrint Application will provide you with a quick yet straightforward way to order all types of prints. This is ideal for all individuals looking for print-related services for their promotional and marketing work. You will come across a simple layout of product pricing, specs, materials, and paper stocks so that you can compare all the components and opt for the correct option for all your printing needs.

5. With The Mobile App Designer, You Can Design All Your Prints

One of the pleasantest things about this appropriate app is that it has a user-friendly design tool. The tool will allow you to create quick and simple designs within a matter of minutes. You can also create designs from scratch by utilizing all the components available at the GotPrint’s images and designers. You can Download Here if you wish to get started immediately.

6. Push Notifications

Push Notifications are one of the best ways to keep yourself updated about everything related to the printing work. You will receive all the essential and latest updates on the orders. Through PN [Push Notification], you will also receive updates on all the newest products so that you can instantly purchase them in a hassle-free manner.

How To Create Business Cards With GotPrint App

The process of making business cards through this unique application is not that difficult. 

The application’s high-quality card printing technique can transform any standard-looking business card into an unforgettable extension for your company or business. You will find many fonts, colors, and even small clip arts that you can easily drag and drop on your business card.

Once you have completed the customization work of your business card, you can easily print it. If you have a print ready file, the process is even quicker! Simply select specs you desire, upload your files, and place your order. 

How Good Is The Price?

In short, it’s affordable. Even though the application has substantial print runs, the price indeed impressed many individuals. For example, the double-sided 4inches x 6inches postcards will cost you around $26.4 each for 100 cards. 

GotPrint makes sure that its customers can purchase all their cards without spending too much money on them. When compared with other business card printing services, GotPrint stands out as one of the best options. It’s guaranteed that you don’t have to spend too much money when you order products from GotPrint App.

Final Thoughts

GotPrint is a type of application opted by individuals who are currently working in the marketing and business sectors. GotPrint has become a household name for its user-friendly tool kit and provides hundreds and thousands of samples for business cards, yard signs, postcards, hang tags, letterheads, stickers and many more. The application is available on the iOS App Store, and you can also download it from its official website.

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