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The first Amazon self-branded TV could be arriving as early as October


When it comes to streaming your favorite shows and movies, one of the most obvious choices to use for a streaming device is Amazon’s Fire TV line. And while there are Alexa-powered TVs available from Insignia and Toshiba, a new report suggests that Amazon is looking to release a self-branded Amazon TV.

According to Business Insider, this “closely guarded secret within the company” will culminate in a new line of Amazon TVs. As you would expect, the TVs are going to be powered by Alexa, and are being “designed and manufactured by third parties. One of these is TCL, who continues to grow in popularity across the globe, while also manufacturing TVs for other companies.

In terms of sizes, Amazon is expected to release models ranging from between 55 and 75 inches. But at this time, there’s no indication as to what kind of picture quality or other feature the TVs would include. The report goes on to state that this comes about a year after Amazon entered the TV market in India with a 50 and 55-inch AmazonBasics TV.

Amazon is expected to announce and unveil its new line of TVs sometime in October. However, it seems that those plans could end up being pushed back due to “logistical bottlenecks.” The goal here is obvious — release the new line of TVs in time for the 2021 holiday season. Amazon Echo, Fire, and Alexa devices are always some of the hottest commodities over the holiday season. This would be further compounded if Amazon were to actually release its own TV sets.

It will be interesting to see what’s to come in the next few months, and whether Amazon will actually be able to get its TVs out-the-door. Let us know whether you would be interested in an Amazon-branded TV, or if there’s another TV that you would recommend to someone who’s in the market.


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