Save $70 on the Google Nest WiFi mesh router 2-pack


It’s not all that often that we see the Google Nest WiFi discounted below just a couple of dollars. But today, the Nest WiFi 2-pack bundle is being discounted by $70, bringing the price down to just $229 with free one-day Prime shipping.

Google Nest WiFi (Save $70)
The Nest WiFi Router was released just last year, providing coverage up to 2,200 square feet while being able to be used with other Nest WiFi routers and points to cover your entire abode. The setup process is one of a few routers that won’t make you pull your hair out, as you simply plug it in and fire up the Google Home app. Within minutes, you’ll be up and running with WiFi that covers all the nooks and crannies of your home.

Each router is capable of handling up to 200 connected devices at once, while also still being compatible with the older Google WiFi from 2016. And if you’re concerned about physical connections, there’s a built-in Ethernet jack on every router.

You can even go so far as to create a guest WiFi network from within the app, that’s also password protected. Plus, the Nest WiFi makes it easy to set device priorities in an effort to put certain devices at the “front of the line”. And that doesn’t even count the different parental controls that are at your disposal to keep your kids from wandering into the strange corners of the internet.

Oh, and if you want or need the three-pack Nest WiFi bundle, that’s also being discounted to $398, also saving you $70 in the process.

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