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Samsung’s all-new smartwatches have landed, and the Galaxy Watch 4 series brings a much-needed refresh to the Android smartwatch market. These are the first two smartwatches to be powered by Wear OS 3, which is a joint effort from both Samsung and Google. As the Galaxy Watch 4 replaces the Watch 2 Active and the Watch 4 Classic replaces the Galaxy Watch 3, there’s a lot riding on the future of Android smartwatches with this release.

Whether you already have your Galaxy Watch 4 in hand or are awaiting the arrival of your shipment, you likely want to get a couple of extra bands. The ones that Samsung includes are pretty great if you’re a fan of silicone, but they aren’t the most stylish or comfortable for everyone. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite watch bands that we’ve been able to find so far!

Galaxy Watch 4 Band Sizes

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Bands Sizing

The obvious question when it comes to finding replacement watch bands is the size. The Galaxy Watch 4 is available in two different case sizes (40mm or 44mm), while the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic arrives in either 42mm or 46mm. But the great thing here is that instead of having to mix and match watch bands, all four models (including the cellular versions) all use a 20mm watch band or watch strap! All you’ll need to make sure of is that the watch band has quick-release tabs so you can use your favorite band with your new smartwatch.

Best Galaxy Watch 4 Bands

Truth be told, there are actually more watch bands available than we could even think about adding. But that’s a good thing as you have plenty of choices! And if you need some help making a decision, we’ve rounded up some of the best Galaxy Watch 4 bands that are available today.

There’s nothing like having a solid leather band on your wrist, but this watch band from Maxjoy is a bit different from what you might expect. You’ll enjoy vintage leather around the outside of the band, while a silicone lining on the inside helps combat sweat and keep your band looking great.

Maxjoy Hybrid Leather Watch Band


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