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How to unlock Netflix shows & movies from other countries


Netflix’s current catalog of shows should be more than sufficient to keep you entertained for a very long period of time. Plus, with the company coming up with new shows and movies every so often, you’ll never run out of things to watch. That being said, did you know that the shows offered in different countries are not the same as your home country?

This is due to licensing issues where some shows are licensed to be played in the US, while others might be licensed for Asia. Plus, some of it is regional on purpose. Why would Netflix bother to license Japanese TV shows or movies for a country like Indonesia when licensing Indonesian shows makes more sense and would cater to the local demographic.

Even so, we know that some of you might be bored of the current rotation of shows and want to see what’s available on the other side of the world, which is where VPNs like Ivacy can come in handy.

Unblock Netflix and Disney+ with Ivacy

How VPNs work is that it sends your request through their servers. This means that if you’re living in Singapore and you launch Netflix, Netflix detects your IP is coming from Singapore and will thus display content catered for your region.

Because a VPN like Ivacy takes your request and routes it through their servers, you can set your Ivacy server region to the US and then Netflix will assume it’s a US request and thus pull content from the US Netflix catalog. It’s really as simple as that. According to Ivacy, their service is capable of unblocking Netflix in over seven different regions which include US, the UK, Japan, France, Germany, Australia, Canada.

Their service is also capable of unblocking Disney+ anywhere, so in addition to Netflix, you can also use Ivacy to unblock Disney+ content where it is available. The company also claims that its service will help users access content from Amazon Prime video, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu (assuming you have a valid subscription), which are usually services that might be limited to certain parts of the world.

Why choose Ivacy VPN?

In addition to helping you unblock and unlock access to different Netflix catalogs around the world, Ivacy VPN is also useful if you’re looking to help protect yourself online. VPNs, in general, are great at helping protect your privacy when you’re on the internet because it essentially masks your IP address so that websites and services don’t know where you’re coming from.

It also protects you from the prying eyes of your internet service provider because as far as they’re concerned, all your requests are going through the VPN’s servers. VPNs are also useful at protecting your data especially when you’re connected to public WiFi hotspots, which hackers might use to try and sniff out the information you’re sending out there.

Ivacy also has a built-in kill switch that kills your connection if it detects that your connection to the VPN has dropped so that you don’t accidentally transmit data that might be picked up. Ivacy also boasts about having the fastest connections out of the available VPN services out there, so you can stream content buffer-free.


With all those features that Ivacy offers, some of you might be concerned that this could set you back quite a bit in terms of costs, but that isn’t the case. You can subscribe at $10 a month, or if you’re willing to commit to 5 years upfront, that will cost you $80, which works out to be roughly $1.33 a month, and with Ivacy’s 30-day money-back guarantee. Buy for an even better deal, you can get an additional 20% off on the 5-year plan by using code Ivacy20 at checkout!

Check out Ivacy VPN

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