Aug 13th, 2021

Need to blanket your home with WiFi coverage to ensure that you do not have dead spots? That’s where mesh WiFi routers can come in handy. Unlike more traditional methods of expanding your WiFi’s range using range extenders, mesh WiFi systems offer up a more seamless connection, plus most of them come with smart features that give you more control over them.

What is a mesh WiFi router and why you should buy one

But with there being so many options out there today, with each varying in pricing and features, which should you get? Read on to find out!

Google’s Nest WiFi

It would be almost criminal of us if we did not mention Google’s Nest WiFi system. The Nest WiFi system is pretty standard as far as mesh WiFi routers are concerned, but one of its main selling points would be the fact that they are incredibly small (compared to other mesh systems) and sleek-looking.

This means that they will be capable of blending into your home’s surroundings easily and won’t take up too much space. It is also simple to setup and you can be up and running in no time. Plus, there is the added advantage of each Nest WiFi router acting as a smart speaker, so you can easily control your smart home devices in any room the Nest WiFi is placed in.

Buy the Nest WiFi (2nd generation)


If you’re looking to futureproof yourself, then you might want to get a mesh router that supports the new WiFi 6 standard. This is because in theory, WiFi 6 offers up faster speeds compared to WiFi 5, and the ASUS ZenWiFi AX would be one of those mesh router systems that you might want to consider.

Why everyone should own a WiFi 6 mesh router

The ASUS ZenWiFi AX will be capable of covering a pretty large area, up to 5,500 square feet, and support speeds of up to 6.6Gbps (whether or not you can hit those speeds is a different story). There will be built-in parental controls and an accompanying app that lets you control and manage its features remotely.

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Netgear Orbi 6

Routers don’t just help to pipe wireless internet around your home, which is why choosing the right router is important. This is because routers can also affect your internet speed. If having the fastest and most stable connection is of utmost importance to you, then Netgear’s Orbi mesh WiFi routers are definitely worth taking a look at.

They are also WiFi 6 compatible meaning that you should be able to get the best performance possible. The Orbi is also a tri-band router and comes with Gigabit Ethernet ports for those who prefer a wired connection.

Buy the Netgear Orbi 6

Linksys Velop 6

Linksys’ Velop mesh WiFi system has been around for a while now, and the latest model comes with support for WiFi 6. While it might not necessarily be the smallest or most inconspicuous mesh WiFI system, it is certainly more than capable of getting the job done and then some.

The Velop 6 will be capable of offering up coverage of up to 3,000 square feet and speeds of up to 5.3Gbps. There will also be five LAN ports so that if you don’t want to rely on WiFi, you can always connect it directly using a cable to your device. The accompanying app will also let you customize device priority and also parental access if you have kids.

Buy the Linksys Velop 6

Samsung SmartThings WiFi

Yes, in case you didn’t know, Samsung makes their own mesh WiFi routers in the form of the Samsung SmartThings WiFi. While it might not support WiFi 6, there are several aspects of the Samsung SmartThings WiFi that could still be worth your consideration. This includes its small puck-like design which makes it more discreet.

Also, there is its price where you can grab a 3-pack for as much as $280, making it one of the cheapest and best value-for-money mesh WiFi router systems that are available today. It has also been designed for smart homes where users will be able to easily combine their smart devices together, setup pre-programmed control sequencing, timers, and so on.

Buy the Samsung SmartThings WiFi

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