Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 from Google Fi and save $400


Shortly after the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Fold 3 were announced yesterday, the respective devices landed across the three major carriers allowing you to pre-order them. However, it appears that Google Fi is also getting in on the fun, as you can now pre-order the Galaxy Z Flip 3 from Fi, and will earn up to $400 in bill credits, along with getting $150 in Samsung Credit.

The phone retails for $999.99 or $41.67 per month from Google Fi, but the MVNO is also offering $500 off the Z Flip 3 when you trade-in an “eligible” device. Getting the Z Flip 3 for 50% off is pretty great already, but Google Fi doesn’t stop there. In a little bubble near the bottom of the listing, you’ll see the following:

$400 Fi bill credit when you bring your number to Fi. Plus, get $150 in Samsung.com credit. 

That’s right. You’ll essentially be gaining $50 in overall money by ordering the Galaxy Z Flip 3 through Google Fi, provided that you have an “eligible” phone to trade in. Save $500 on the trade-in, get $400 towards your monthly bill, and get $150 to spend on accessories at the Samsung store. That’s pretty incredible, so what’s the catch? Surprisingly, there’s really not too much of a catch.

Google Fi does have a few requirements in order for you to be able to get the $400 in Fi bill credits. The first of which is to transfer or port your current number to Google Fi:

You must be a new Fi customer. A new Fi customer is someone who has never had Fi service or someone whose last day of Fi service took place more than 180 days before making a purchase with this promotion. 

But those who are already on Google Fi, don’t have to miss out on this deal either, but there are a few more steps that you have to take:

  • Activate the phone on an existing full service plan (data-only SIMs do not qualify) within 30 days of the shipment confirmation email and keep the qualifying phone active on Fi for 30 consecutive days. 
  • You must activate on the same Fi account used to purchase the phone or be a current member of the purchaser’s group plan. If you activate the phone on a new Fi account, you are not eligible for this promotion.
  • If you do not currently have Fi service and your last day of Fi service took place within the last 180 days as part of an existing single subscriber or group plan, you must also bring/transfer your number to Fi within 30 days of the shipment confirmation email. Fi-to-Fi number transfers are not eligible.

So as long as you meet the criteria, you’re golden!

At the time of this writing, the 256GB model is completely out of stock. Instead, you’ll have to go with the 128GB version, but thankfully, you can get all four colors — Phantom Black, Lavender, Green, or Cream — at least for now. 


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