Google could introduce a discounted Play Pass bundle for Google One members


A new version of the Google One app for Android is rolling out, with a version number of 1.109, and Google could be working on a new subscription bundle. According to an APK Teardown by 9to5Google, there are references in the code that suggest Google One members will soon be able to bundle Google Play Pass.

While there’s no indication of how much of a discount will be offered, the APK Teardown revealed Google will be advertising it as a percentage discount. There are also references to offering a free trial, provided that you have not already subscribed to either Google One or Google Play Pass. After the free trial has concluded, the monthly subscription will commence, and the percentage offered at the time of your signup “expires after one year”.

Unlike some of the other Google One membership perks, this upcoming Play Pass bundle will be available for the lowest tier. This offers members an additional 100GB for just $1.99 per month, but the bundle discount will also remain even if you upgrade the storage to one of the higher tiers.

Finally, if you bundle Google One and Play Pass, you will be able to share it with members of your family group “at no additional cost”. This is a great perk to get everyone in your family some extra storage along with providing access to some of the best Android apps.

Unfortunately, there’s no indication as to when these new Google One with Play Pass bundles will begin rolling out. Considering that Play Pass is priced at $4.99 per month, it’s going to be interesting to see what kind of discount is going to be offered. It’ll also be interesting to see how many people actually sign up for this, as it already seems like it will be a pretty great deal.


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