The Samsung Galaxy S21 isn’t selling as well as Samsung would have liked


Every year without fail, Samsung launches a new flagship phone with the Galaxy S-series. For the most part, the phones have done pretty well and are perceived as being one of the more reliable flagships we can expect to see from manufacturers on an annual basis, but it seems that the Galaxy S21 could be the exception.

According to analysts at Kiwoom Securities, they claim that the Galaxy S21 shipped 13.5 million units in total in the first six months of the phone’s availability. It sounds like a lot of phones, doesn’t it? But as it turns out, it might be the worst-performing Galaxy S-series handset to date.

This is because 13.5 million is actually down by 20% compared to the Galaxy S20, which sold 17 million units in its first six months. It is also down by 47% compared to the Galaxy S10, which back in 2019 actually shipped 25.5 million units, so as you can see, sales of the Galaxy S21 series fell rather drastically compared to two years ago.

It’s hard to say why sales are down so much for the Galaxy S21 series. It is possible that the pandemic’s effect on the economy could have played a role, or maybe for a phone series that’s as old as the Galaxy S-series, customers are getting bored and want something more exciting and also not so expensive.

Samsung is far from being in any kind of danger or trouble despite these figures, but it is obvious that something needs to be done.

Source: PhoneArena

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