Oppo debuts next-gen under-screen camera but who knows when we’ll actually see it


In the past couple of weeks, we’ve been learning about and hearing rumors about more phone makers implementing under-display selfie cameras. Oppo is the latest company to do so, as it has announced the “next-generation under-screen camera technology”.

Oppo was one of the first companies to debut this technology back in 2019, but it never actually arrived in any of Oppo’s phone launches. That trend seems to be continuing a bit here as the updated under-display selfie camera was shown off in a prototype device.

Looking at both a provided image of the phone with its Home Screen showing and another with an e-reader app running, the selfie camera is there, but you can’t see it. This was achieved by using the same 400-ppi sharpness as the rest of the OLED panel. Plus, Oppo states that it was able to shrink the size of each pixel along with using a transparent wire that’s “50% thinner”.

Breakthroughs include resolving issues such as inconsistent display quality in the screen area above the under-screen camera, poor image quality caused by obstruction of the camera by the screen, as well as issues with product reliability and lifespan.

While it’s great to be able to get rid of any hole-punches showing on the screen, the next big hurdle has to do with the actual camera quality itself. The company didn’t share what the megapixel count was on the camera, but it did provide a selfie camera sample to showcase its versatility.

From the picture, there’s really nothing to discern that this is an under-display camera. The quality appears to be good enough, and actually quite capable. But it’s also important to note that this was taken outdoors with the sun shining. So when/if this technology arrives in a consumer product, the quality may deteriorate based on the lighting conditions.


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