Let Master Chief guide you in a Warthog the next time you use Waze


If you’re like us and can’t wait to enjoy some Halo Infinite, then let Waze and Microsoft temporarily fill the void. Earlier today, Microsoft announced a partnership with Waze that essentially gives the popular navigation app a Halo makeover.

Starting today, you can choose to have either Master Chief or Escharum, one of the main villains in Halo Infinite, provide you voice directions. You can also select between different “moods” based on your character, and even have the ability to turn your car into a Warthog. Those who opt for Escharum’s side, will see their car transformed into a Ghost.

Waze is no stranger to unique and different themes to help spice up your favorite navigation app. However, this partnership with Microsoft marks the “first ever video game-themed experience” to come to Waze.

When you’re in a rush to save the galaxy from extinction there’s nothing worse than getting caught in traffic. While Halo’s iconic Warthog can simply go around roadblocks thanks to its rugged off-road capabilities and a Banished Ghost can utilize its anti-gravity pads to take the most direct route, now the rest of us can arrive in style thanks to a new global partnership between Xbox’s Halo Infinite and the navigation app Waze.

Microsoft didn’t reveal exactly how long this will be available. Instead, stating that it’s available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, while being accessible in the Waze app “for a limited time”.

If you want to turn your drive into a scene out of Halo Infinite, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the Waze app.
  2. Tap My Waze.
  3. Select the Halo banner to activate.
  4. Enjoy.

Let us know if you’ve started using the new Halo theme in the Waze app, and which side you’ve selected.


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