This sale on Rode’s NT-USB microphone makes it cheaper for you to kick off your podcast career


Podcasts are all the rage these days and it’s not hard to see why. Putting on a talk show from the comfort of your own home and only requiring a microphone is such a simple setup that could potentially lead to you gaining a following and even building a career from it, which is why investing in a good microphone is the way to go.

Over on Amazon, Rode’s NT-USB condenser microphone is currently on sale where instead of its usual $299 asking price, it has been discounted to $169, saving you $130 in the process. This is almost a 50% discount for a microphone that has been well-received by many.

The fact that it is a USB microphone means you don’t need to worry about dealing with mixers or sound interfaces as it is plug and play, so you can get started right out of the box. So if you have been eyeing a new microphone upgrade, then this could be the deal you’ve been waiting for.

Rode NT-USB Condenser Microphone
  • High quality studio microphone with the convenience of USB connectivity
  • Pop shield, Tripod desk stand, ring mount, storage pouch and 6m (20’) USB cable included

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