You can now sign into Twitter with your Google account


Sign in with Google is one of the easiest ways to sign up securely for any new account. It’s a feature that you’ve seen in apps and services everywhere, and now Twitter is getting in on the action (via 9to5Google). The latest Twitter Beta update adds that wonderful “Sign in with Google button”, making it easy to either create an account or log into one using your Google information.

This is one of those long-requested features that is finally making its way to the Twitter app. When you update and try to tap the button, you’ll either be prompted to create a new account, or your Twitter and Google accounts will automatically be linked. Doing so means that you won’t ever have to worry about entering a password when signing into Twitter again.

The only downside, so far at least, is that if you have an existing Twitter account that does not use your Gmail account, there’s no way to link the two. This could be coming in a future update, but you might be able to get things to work by changing your account email to your main Google account.

If you want to try this for yourself, make sure you have updated the Twitter app to version v9.3.0-beta.04, which is rolling out via the Google Play Store now. If you want to join the Twitter beta cycle, you can sign up for the tester program. This will give you some of the features that aren’t available to everyone until they hit the “regular” version.


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