The Haylou RS3 could be the sleeper smartwatch you’ve been waiting for


When the idea of smartwatches were first introduced, it felt kind of novel. After all, we have our phones to receive our messages and calls on, why would we need a watch for that? Fast forward to today, and it’s safe to say that the skeptics have been proven wrong, especially with devices like the Apple Watch that commands a whopping majority of the wearables market.

But if you don’t live in Apple’s ecosystem or don’t want to live in Apple’s ecosystem, then perhaps you might be interested in the Haylou RS3, a new smartwatch from the company that comes with a ton of features that might be useful for health and fitness enthusiasts, all of which are packaged into a sleek design that upon first glance, could easily pass off as a nice fashionable timepiece.


Speaking of design, the Haylou RS3 looks unassuming on the surface. This might seem like a bad thing but it’s not. Having a watch that stands out just begs for attention and for it to be stolen, plus if you work in a corporate setting, having something a bit more muted and subtle might be better.

Haylou has constructed the watch out of an aluminum alloy metal which allows the watch to be both thin and durable, so you don’t have to worry about it cracking or breaking during your day-to-day use. They have also equipped it with a nano-silicone wristband that is comfortable and breathable so that you can wear it for extended periods of time.

Plus, the use of silicone means that you can use it for exercise like at the gym, or out on a run, or even during swimming and you don’t need to worry about it degrading.

Take a look at the Haylou RS3

The watch also sports a 1.2-inch AMOLED screen so you can look forward to bright, vivid colors, which is covered by a 2.5D cambered surface round dial to help complete the watch’s sleek and elegant design.

Keep Track Of Your Fitness

There are benefits to tracking your fitness. This can help you see the progress you’ve made and also compare it to past workout sessions. For some, this can be motivation to push themselves harder, run an extra mile compared to the previous month, lift heavier weights, and more.

The Haylou RS3 will be capable of monitoring and tracking all your fitness activities with there being 14 different modes for users to choose from. It can track your more common activities like running and cycling, and it can also track other activities like yoga, weights, football, swimming, and rowing, thanks to its 50m water resistance.

There is even a Sony low-power GPS built into the watch that will help you keep track of your outdoor runs or bike rides if that’s of interest to you.

A 6-axis motion sensor inside of the watch will also help you log data like steps taken, how long you’ve walked, calories burnt, and more.

Monitor Your Health

For those who might not necessarily need the watch for fitness related tracking, the Haylou RS3 will also come with sensors and features around your overall health. As expected of a modern-day smartwatch, there will be a heart rate monitor to measure your heart rate so you can notice any spikes and changes.

There is also sleep monitoring so you can analyze your sleeping patterns and decide if there’s something that needs to be changed. The watch will also remind the wearer to stand up and move around, perform breathing exercises if necessary, and there is also an SpO2 monitor.

Other features

In addition to fitness and health monitoring, the Haylou RS3 is a standard smartwatch so you can expect it to receive notifications from your apps. It can also be used to set an alarm, check the weather forecast, music playback control, and even help you find your phone if you’ve misplaced it.

One of the outstanding features of the Haylou RS3 compared to other smartwatches is also its battery life. The company has equipped it with a 230mAh battery that they say will last users about 12 days, meaning that you can use it for almost two weeks without having to charge it.


So, is the Haylou RS3 the smartwatch for you? If you’re someone living outside the Apple ecosystem, then it is definitely a worthy contender. With its wide variety of activity trackers to choose from and health features, it could be a good smartwatch for your fitness and health needs.

Even if you don’t necessarily need those features, the sleek design and the convenience of being able to receive notifications without having to constantly reach for your phone could also make it an excellent day-to-day kind of device.

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