7 Tips to Save Money on Buying a New Gadget


Who doesn’t love a new gadget? It is not only a slick design and new features but the fact that they make our lives so much easier!

Gadgets can do almost anything for us today. Can they write my essay for me online? – You might ask.  Well no, this is still a job for humans. But other than that, they are pretty great for a multitude of tasks. No wonder that many people often look for upgrades and new devices, which is a bit of a costly hobby.

If you want to buy a new gadget without breaking the budget, here are some money-saving tips to consider.

Do Your Due Diligence

The first step is doing proper research. After all, the market is huge and there are lots of offers out there. Remember that price doesn’t always correspond with quality. So, the most expensive gadget doesn’t mean the best. More often than not, you are just paying for the brand.

Look into different producers, features, offers, materials, etc. Think of whether you really need the most recent device with specific features, or maybe a reliable laptop will do. Make sure you are getting the best deal for your money.

Choose the Right Time

Another factor is the time of purchase. The prices on tech also fluctuate during the year. Look for the special offers, sales, or best deals on holidays or specific days. Sales are a good way to save some money.

Check out possible discounts, for example, discounts for students, from your employer, or coupons on resources like RetailMeNot.

Yes, you might have to wait for some time, but it will be worth it.

Sell Your Old Device Before Purchase

Another opportunity to get extra funds before buying a device is to sell or trade your old one. Depending on the model and the state of it, one can get a pretty good sum on their hands. There are lots of marketplaces to do that online.

One can also trade it, for example, Apple has a GiveBack policy, where you get Apple Store credit in exchange for the old device. Another place for that is Gazelle – an online reseller that trades gadgets for Amazon store credit. And providers like AT&T and Verizon Wireless also have different trading programs open.

Consider Buying Refurbished or Second Hand

Refurbished devices are as good as new ones. Those are usually tech that was returned but was checked and upgraded to be as good as new. The secret is to buy such tech from reliable dealers with factory-certified labels. Often, shops display such devices right near the new ones.

And it is by far one of the cheapest ways to get your hand on a gadget. They go with the same warranties, so there is nothing to worry about.

Another option is buying used devices second-hand. It can be very helpful when you need a specific tool quickly and you do not have money for a new one. Yet, it is a bit of gambling. There are lots of people selling their old tech online, but you need to always check the state, documents, and prices.

Skip on Extended Warranty

With any tech purchase, you always get an offer to extend the warranty. The truth is, these warranties are not always worth it. Especially if you are not planning to use this device for 10 years. And such deals do increase the end price. It might be a valid consideration only for those who do tend to break their gadgets quite often.

Another thing to note – if you have a credit card, you might be getting it for free. So, check the rewards your credit card might give before buying.

Buy the Previous Model

This tip is quite valid for those interested in Apple gadgets. If you do not need some specific features of the newest release, just buy last year’s phone, smartwatch, or laptop. It is as good and has all the relevant advances, but it comes cheaper. Sometimes, one can even get a great phone for $100 less than the original price.

Check Out the Contract

If you are buying a phone or tablet, it is often much cheaper with a new contract. It can be a great discount, so it is worth considering as well. But be careful and think about it a bit. If it is a two-year contract, it might be more expensive in the long run.

Also, check out prepaid plans instead for long-term contracts. They can also offer quite a discount.

In Summary

Buying new gadgets doesn’t have to take a huge toll on one’s budget. With the right planning, research, and consideration, one can save a decent amount of money. And always think whether you actually need to upgrade now, or is it worth waiting for some time until a new device with better functions comes out.

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