This app will show you how water resistant your phone really is


A lot of phones these days come with an IP-rating that basically designates how water resistant it is. Sometimes phones do live up to these claims and go even beyond that, but sometimes a quick dip in the pool and you’ve got yourself a busted device whose warranty is no longer being honored.

So the question is, how true are these claims? If you want to find out for yourself, you’re in luck because there is now an app for it. Dubbed the Water Resistance Tester, this is an app that measures how resistant your phone is to water without actually having to dunk it into water to find out.

The app relies on the barometer sensor inside of your phone, which apparently is similar to how OEMs like Samsung test the water-sealing on their devices. This app will be useful if you’re unsure about the water resistant capabilities of your phone, or if you’re buying a secondhand phone, you can use it to test and see if the phone’s seals might have been compromised during use.

The app’s developer isn’t making any guarantees on how effective/accurate the app is in terms of measuring water resistance, but so far most of the reviews have been positive, plus it’s free so why not take it for a spin if only for the sake of curiosity?

Source: Gizmodo

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