Google Photos will soon add a new Memories widget


A few days ago, it was discovered that Google was working on an overhauled Chrome widget for Android. Essentially, this is the same widget that Google brought to iOS with the release of iOS 14. Now, we’re seeing a new Memories widget that is being developed for Google Photos.

The description simply says “Rediscover moments from Google Photos”, Which is practically the same as what you’ll find on the same widget for the iOS version of Photos. At the bottom of the widget, the date will be shown, and tapping it will take you into the Memories section of the app.

As you would expect, you can adjust the size of the widget. However the standard 2×2 version is a bit taller than you might expect. It’s possible this could a tweak on the software side before the widget is actually released.

The code for the latest version of Google Photos includes this widget, which was enabled by the folks over at 9to5Google. However, it’s unknown when the widget will actually be enabled and available for everyone.

With Google’s new focus on widgets with Android 12 and Material You, we can expect to see more of Google’s apps updated with new widgets.


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