Celebrate Bobby Bonilla Day with 25 years of Mint Mobile for a cool $2,500


Mint Mobile is one of the wackiest companies and MVNO’s that we’ve seen in recent memory, and maybe ever. Ryan Reynolds is the spokesman and bought an ownership stake in the company back in 2019. Mint Mobile is known for its incredible value offered while relying on T-Mobile’s LTE and 5G networks for coverage.

Today, Mint Mobile announced perhaps the craziest deal ever, as you can get 25 years of Mint Mobile for $2,500. Oh, and the “deal” only lasts today, as it’s also known as Bobby Bonilla day.

For the unaware, Bobby Bonilla is a former Major League Baseball player who spent 16 years playing professional baseball. He signed one of the largest contracts (at the time) with the New York Mets, and the two sides arranged a buy-out of his contract. The terms of the buy-out include Bonilla receiving $1 million per year, for 25 years, with the payout being made on July 1st.

As for where Mint Mobile fits into this, it’s clear that Ryan Reynolds either loves the meme that Bobby Bonilla day has become, or is actually a madman. If you were to sign up for this outrageous plan, you would get 4GB of data per month, along with unlimited calls and texts for the next 25 years.

If you look at it from a long-term perspective, that $2,500 averages out to just $8.33 per month for your cell phone bill. Looking at it that way, it’s actually really cheap, even for a spin-off MVNO.

While some thought that this was nothing more than just a publicity stunt, it seems that at least nine people have paid up so far. The deal lasts through today, so if you’ve got a spare $2,500 hanging around, now’s your chance to sure up your cell services for the next quarter-century.


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