Jun 28th, 2021 publishUpdated   Jun 30th, 2021, 8:59 am

Online gambling has developed massively throughout the years, and especially the 21st century has been immensely generous towards online casinos. Not only do online casinos incorporate the convenience of gambling wherever you are, but they also offer different platforms when it comes to playing. By platforms, we mean that you can play both on your desktop and mobile devices. There are no boundaries to gambling anymore. The good old land-based casinos are in the past, and right now, you can play slots from your vacation or the comfort of your home.

You can enjoy your favorite casino games on your PC and your tablet or smartphone. Some casinos have apps and others just as good mobile-optimized websites. Either way, the gambling industry has been on top of its game for years now, and the players are the core motivation. In 2021, online casinos report profits that land-based casinos could have only dreamed of way back in time. And when it comes to playing slots online, players can not only enjoy modern technology, but they can also enjoy various bonuses. These bonuses can include free spins no deposit in Canada or any other country in the world. Each part of the world can offer casino players fantastic bonuses.

The best slots can be found with the HTML5 technology, making them faster, better, and compatible in quality and gameplay. The reels are turning more quickly, the bonus rounds are coming to you faster, and you start getting Free Spins faster. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. For example, you can check out casinos that have modern HTML5 slots on Beaverslots.com, which is one of the best guides on online casinos out there.

With that said, down below, we are elaborating on how the newest technology contributes to making free spins easier to claim and generally how it’s making games better. Right now, gamblers are way more privileged when it comes to their favorite hobby than they were back in the old days. Now, they can not only claim free spins faster, but they can play at a live casino which is like basically bringing your land-based casino to your living room.

Not only can you claim bonuses, but you can do that on your mobile device. Right now, the technology behind smartphones is much more powerful than computers themselves. Not to mention that half of the generated traffic comes from mobile devices.

The Technology and System Requirements

The most used technology when it comes to online casinos and games is HTML5 and Flash. However, Flash has recently stopped working, so if you come across a slot that uses Flash and it shows an error when opening, the old technology might be the issue. 

So when it comes to system requirements, it’s a good idea for you to have the latest operating systems for Android and iOS. This way, you can be sure that your games will run smoothly. We recommend updating your mobile device systems regularly for better results. Older systems could also work but slower.

Another tip is to make sure that you have strong WIFI connections. Using your mobile data for casino games like slots could drain your data, and you’ll end up without any data on your phone. Usually, most Android and iOS devices give you warnings when the mobile data is draining.

Make sure that your mobile provider doesn’t block gambling sites and apps in your area. You can always talk to your provider to lift the blocks, so that’s very nice.

Software, Auditing, and Security

When it comes to slots software, it’s actually very straightforward. Usually, software companies program and create online slots with programming languages like JavaScript, C++, C, Python, etc. They can also use gaming engine platforms like Unreal and Unity which means that slots have the potential to be created in an augmented and virtual reality. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are also used for better coding.

Most games are also using 3D modeling graphics, which make the symbols on the reels more realistic and of high quality. The aforementioned technologies contribute massively to slots having more bonus features and, therefore, more free spins to claim faster than ever.

Apart from the sole creation of the games, there is a second big chunk of technology behind the game, which is for auditing and security.

Usually, it’s a good idea for you to install a malware and virus protection app on your phone just in case when you’re playing casino games. 

This doesn’t mean that casinos are full of viruses but that you should be more cautious. What casinos do is provide SSL security technology to protect the sensitive data of the players.

Also, each casino game like slots must have an RNG (Random Number Generator) which is an algorithm that creates sets of numbers that relate to the pattern in the algorithm being random. These algorithms are applied to the graphics and elements in the slot games. This way, they generate different outcomes when the player activates the game.

You can spot casinos and games with RNGs by looking out for the GLI and eCOGRA logos. These RNGs are the best in the industry and ones you can trust 100%. Usually, you can click on the logos so that you can see the license itself. This means that they have their fairness set straight.

The Verdict

So what do the present and the future hold for slots and online casino games in general? In many ways, each technology we mentioned is a piece of the grand scheme of things. Each technology brings something unique to the table. Whether that’s security, graphics, optimization, etc., it creates an environment where players can easily enjoy their favorite games and claim more and more bonuses.

What we believe is that the best is yet to come for slots and casino games. The industry is also evolving and listening to its players so that it can be the best possible. Some exciting times are expecting us in the near future. Until then, we wish you happy playing!