Windows 11 will allow you to sideload Android apps


Despite a leaked build making its rounds last week, Microsoft officially unveiled the next version of its operating system with Windows 11. In addition to the numerous UI and design element changes that will be coming, Microsoft also announced that it would be making it possible to install and use Android apps.

No, this isn’t Google bringing the Play Store to Windows, instead, we’ll be seeing the Amazon App Store. While there are more than a few questions left to be answered about integration and how everything will work, one question has been answered.

According to Miguel de Icaza, a Stack Developer working at Microsoft confirmed that you will be able to side-load APK files and run them on Windows. While de Icaza didn’t share exactly how this will be able to be done, you can rest easy knowing that it will at least possible.

One question answered opens the door for more questions, such as how will the apps be installed? Are these going to be APK files that can just be opened from a folder? Or is Windows 11 going to introduce some type of magic where it turns an APK into a .exe file that can just be double-clicked to open.

Microsoft is set to release the first developer beta of Windows 11 next week, but it’s already been confirmed that the new Microsoft Store won’t include support for Android apps yet. The new operating system isn’t slated to actually launch for everyone until this Fall. So we have plenty of time to get the answers to our questions, while Microsoft has enough time to make sure everything is ready to go on day one.


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