Samsung Galaxy S21 FE might only launch in the US and Europe


Earlier in the year, we were hearing about Samsung’s plans to launch the Galaxy S21 FE, but a report from earlier this month seemed to cast some doubt on whether or not the handset would launch. This is because due to the chip shortages, Samsung might want to prioritize its other phones first.

However, according to a new report from Korean publication Financial News, it seems that Samsung is expected to go ahead with the launch. The report claims that while Samsung will launch the phone, they will only do so in select markets and that not all markets will be getting the phone.

The report seems to suggest that the phone might only launch in the US and Europe, meaning that for the rest of the world, you’d be out of luck. The phone is also said to have been slightly delayed where it was supposed to launch in August, but is now expected to launch in October.

It does add a caveat that even then, the October date could be pushed back assuming that they aren’t able to produce enough chips in time. Assuming that is the case and it gets further delayed, we’re not sure if there is even a point at launching it. This is because the longer people wait, they might be better off just buying the Galaxy S21 when the Galaxy S22 launches next year.

Source: PhoneArena

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