Bitcoin Payments Are Great, But Stablecoins Are the Future of Crypto


Like Bitcoin, many other crypto coins are making waves in the industry. The introduction of these coins highlights one trend in the industry which is the crypto market is becoming speedily differentiated leading to the emergence of Stablecoins to take pole position.  

In terms of crypto conversations, market capitalization, and investment trends, bitcoin leads the way but in reality, it’s a bit different. Cryptocurrency applications continue to evolve and dominate the conversations but a mundane type of crypto coins is looking to like the way through which crypto will achieve mainstream utilization and adoption and that currency is Stablecoins.

Information regarding Stablecoins

Stablecoins are cryptocurrency that is backed up and supported by a basic asset. It can be supported by any type of asset but it is popularly supported by the US dollars because the dollar act as the asset that stabilizes cryptocurrencies. This backing has led stablecoin to grow in the economy but what does it mean for the blockchain’s future and the crypto asset space in general?

According to Bitcoin Rejoin, the value of bitcoin is making an all-time high leading organizations to turn to bitcoin for profits. However, the driving force of the crypto industry going forward will be stablecoins and why is that? We’re going to examine some reasons why stablecoins is going to take over the reins from bitcoin as the leading force leaning towards wider adoption and implementation of cryptocurrency as a whole.

Reasons why Stablecoins are the future of crypto

Lower Volatility

Stablecoin is known for its lower price volatility which continues to attract institutional and individual interest. It is difficult to overstate the importance of the price discovery process for bitcoin for current holders and those attempting to add cryptocurrency to the financial system.

The reason is that many bitcoin holders will use bitcoin as a currency with the current bull run and its ability to hit all-time highs? Stablecoin was developed to address this issue.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

An impact of having stablecoins as a legitimate currency option is that it will bring about a second option as the current market looks like it’s going to be bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies behind. Bitcoin leads in terms of market capitalization, market commentary, investor awareness and price levels but it’s looking like other crypto coins are evolving beyond tracking bitcoin price daily.

Meaning that while bitcoin continues to rise and play an important role in the industry, other applications such as stablecoins are better positioned to push crypto and blockchain adoption forward.

Crypto Creativity

One major issue a lot of people have overlooked is that bitcoin, for all its creativity, has not helped in the building of other recent applications such as DEFI (Decentralized Finance) and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). These two tokens are not as close to bitcoin as they are to stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies.


Stablecoins have emerged as an alternative currency to bitcoin as it possesses low price volatility, comes in a liquid form and can be integrated with existing financial institutions. The use of crypto continues to expand and mature in many ways that a few years ago nobody would have predicted the distance it has covered.

As crypto continues to evolve stablecoins have become the future of cryptocurrency and with its features, it is on its way to becoming the future of crypto implementation. 

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