Google Stadia finally arrives on the Chromecast with Google TV


It’s been seven long months since the Chromecast with Google TV was launched, which means we’ve gone seven long months without being able to use Google Stadia with it. But the wait is finally over, as there’s a for Android TV and Google TV-compatible devices.

After installing the app earlier today, it seems that Google “flipped the switch” on Stadia support. We haven’t spent too much time with Stadia on the Chromecast with Google TV just yet, but there are a few annoyances already.

There are really two big issues that we’ve seen far, with the first being the game navigation. If you have a bunch of titles in your library already, there’s no way to sort them from the Stadia home screen. What you see is what you get, and that’s just it. The second “issue” is that you are unable to browse Stadia’s catalog of games from your Chromecast with Google TV. Instead, you’ll be greeted with a message pointing you to use the Stadia app on your phone instead.

Perhaps these are features that will be arriving with future updates. But we’re not holding our breath. After Google took so long to launch its own game streaming service on its own streaming device, these feel like features that should have been available on day one of the app launch.

If you want to try it out for yourself now, you finally can. Google also seems to be sending out some coupon codes to Chromecast with Google TV owners, offering 50% off the Stadia Controller. Plus, if you’re a new user you’ll get a month of Stadia Pro for free.


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