Track all the things with the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag and it’s 50% off


Prime Day is rapidly (and thankfully) coming to an end, but we’re still eyeing up some deals that you should check out. Apple’s AirTags were long overdue, but Samsung actually beat Apple to the punch with the Galaxy SmartTag.

Toss this in your backpack or purse, and then you can keep track of where your things are at. The best part is that, unlike the Galaxy SmartTag Plus, you don’t actually need a Samsung Galaxy device to make use of this little accessory.

Instead, just attach it to whatever you want, and as long as it’s within range of your phone, the tag can start beeping. This will help you find it much faster than just tearing the living room apart trying to find where you put your keys down.

Normally, the Galaxy SmartTag is priced at $30, but for Prime Day, you can grab one for just $15.


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