Save big on Samsung’s wide array of devices for Prime Day


In case you hadn’t noticed yet, Prime Day 2021 has kicked off in style, and there are some pretty fantastic deals to be had across a wide variety of product categories. But there are also some brands that are running deals across all of their different lineups, including Samsung. If you’re a Samsung faithful and want to save some dough on some new Samsung products, now’s your chance.

Samsung Phone Deals

Even before Prime Day started, we suspected that Samsung would offer some steep discounts for its smartphones. What we didn’t expect was to see deals that are this low, like being able to save $300 on the Galaxy S21 Ultra, or more than $400 on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Samsung’s even gone so far as to take a decent chunk of change off of its Galaxy A71, which was one of the best phones of last year.

Samsung Tablet Deals

The Android tablet market is a mess, and this has left Samsung to do just about all of the heavy-lifting (aside from Amazon with its Fire Tab). For Prime Day, you can save almost $200 on the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus, or get a more modest tablet like the Galaxy Tab A7 and save $70.

Samsung Smartwatches

We’re expecting the next wave of Galaxy wearables any day now, and Prime Day is the perfect time to save some dough if you don’t feel like waiting around. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 can be had for almost $100 off, while the Titanium (read: super-premium) version of the Galaxy Watch 3 is on sale for $260 off.

Samsung Headphones

Samsung headphones are some of the best in the business, and you’ll be able to save up to $65 on a new set for yourself. Prime Day deals include the Galaxy Buds Pro, Live, and Plus, which doesn’t leave any of the company’s models out of the fun.

Samsung Monitors

It’s well-known that Samsung makes arguably the best displays for smartphones, but the company’s monitors aren’t any slouches either. Our favorite deal for Prime Day is on the massive 49-inch CRG9 ultrawide monitor, as you’ll be able to save a whopping $600. But if you don’t want or need a monitor that enormous, there are a few other great options to choose from.

Samsung Computers

Unlike its smartphones and displays, Samsung’s computer business may not be as well-known. But the company is dropping the price on a couple of Chromebooks, including offering a savings of $300 on the Galaxy Chromebook, while also taking some cash off of the Windows-powered Galaxy Book Pro.

Samsung Accessories

As you might expect, there are even more deals to be had if you’re looking at some of Samsung’s accessories. The Galaxy SmartTag is 50% off, marking the price down to just $15, while you can get the new Galaxy S21 Ultra Case with an included S Pen for $27 off.


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