Don’t miss this crazy deal for AUKEY’s PowerTitan and PowerZeus power stations


Most of us have grown accustomed to living in places where we can easily find access to electricity, and even then, electricity is generally stable and reliable. But there are times when blackouts occur for whatever reason, or maybe you need a secondary source of power that is off the grid.

If you do, then you might be interested in checking out AUKEY’s power stations. This is because the company is running a sale on them where you’ll be able to save yourself $40 on the company’s models. This includes the AUKEY PowerTitan 300 Portable Power Station 288Wh which is normally priced at $249.99, but is now priced at $209.99.

Then there is also the AUKEY PowerZeus 500 Portable Power Station 518Wh which is priced at $406.98, but will now be priced at $366.98. You can claim both of these deals by using the AUKEYPLUS code upon checkout, but you’ll want to move fast as both codes are expiring on the 30th of June.

Both of these power stations, for the most part, share similar features which include USB-A and USB-C charging. They also both support solar charging and come with AC outlets that can support alliances like fans, TVs, phones, tablets, and more.

AUKEY says that both power stations will be delivered to US customers in 5-8 business days, so if you order today, you should be able to expect it next week.

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