Jun 15th, 2021

There is almost nothing these days that does not have an associated app. Everything from hobbies to consumerism, to household tasks, can be handled via an app. The personal finance space is no exception. With so many things to consider regarding staying on top of your finances, using an app is one of the best ways to remain organized, and get ahead in your goals. Below are ten of the most popular, and top-rated apps available to help you optimize your personal finance no matter how general or specific your needs are.


This app is best used for making and tracking transactions. The first step to budgeting is tracking your finances and understanding where your money is going so that you can better appropriate it to accomplish your goals. With varying costs dependent upon the type of subscription you select this app gives you the freedom to let it do as much, or as little for you as you need regarding tracking. A bonus feature is that once you connect a debit or credit card to your account, the app will invest your spare change for you which over time can turn out to be a significant return on a pretty effortless investment.


This app is best used for transferring money to and from individuals and their bank accounts. The app will send the recipient a text or an email to notify them that there is a payment waiting for them, and once the link to the transfer is followed and completed, the money moves quickly and deposit is made. Be sure to confirm that your bank is a participating partner before electing to use this app for money transfer. 


Another app that helps with making and tracking investments, Mint is free to subscribers, and you will have the option to link multiple cards and bank accounts to the app once installed. This app will show you your available funds briefly across all these accounts and help you to gain a larger glance at your overall balances and available cash. Additional features include tracking your tax refund and receiving personalized insights into tips and tricks to optimize your habits. 


Stash will help you to invest and build wealth, by making and tracking investments. This app, like acorns, saves and invests small amounts on your behalf once you connect a credit or debit card. Free to subscribers for the first month, Stash then charges a fee based on your account balance. For those under $5000, it will cost you $1/month, for those above that, a 0.25% fee is what you can expect to pay. 


Wismo will help you to organize and share the who, what, when, where, and how of your spending habits. There are three versions of this app so you have flexibility to use one, or all three, depending on your needs, and goals. One called Wismo Social for tracking spending, another called Wismo Budget that creates ease in maintaining your spending parameters, and finally, Wismo Local which identifies and organizes your favorite spots so you can reference these places when you are spending money but want to be respectful to your tastes, and budget. 


Here you have a chance to view the big financial picture. With the basic version being free, and the upgraded option only costing $4/month, users can keep tabs on their multiple account balances all in one place. This apps intuitive money management tools help automate the pieces of your personal finance that should be second nature, but are not always accounted for. 


This app is fantastic for those who are ready to get aggressive with the debt payoff strategies and paying debt down fast. Here you will be able to set a budget with specific financial goals in mind and the app will help you by automating the debt repayments. Charlie will also send you text messages with ways you can save money so that you are always cognizant of your goals but not imprisoned by them. 

This can be a wise choice for people who have large loans like high interest credit cards or a personal loan that they want to eliminate from their monthly budget. Charlie can help control the total amount repaid by accelerating your repayment and therefore decreasing interest totals. 

Credit Karma

It is no secret that your credit score unlocks almost all your potential for successful personal finance. By creating and maintain a good standing score you are going to experience an element of ease when you attempt to borrow money, purchase a home, apply for a mortgage, etc. This app can help you spot identity theft that can negatively impact your credit score and give you access to your credit reports while identifying where you can change habits to improve standings. 


If you are into the cryptocurrency game, then Binance has your back. Here you can experience some of the lowest fees in crypto while buying, selling, or trading currency. With a large variety of supported cryptocurrencies, this app is not limiting and can be good for those who want to learn about more than just one type of cryptocurrency and how to get involved in that space. 

Wells Fargo

Arguably one of the most convenient features of this app is the ability to make check deposits instantly. Here your cash, credit, and investment accounts will all be viewable and can be managed as you see fit. You will also be able to manage any credit card rewards programs that you are enrolled in by simply adding those cards to your digital wallet.