Jun 7th, 2021 publishUpdated   Jun 8th, 2021, 9:03 am

For more than a decade, the mobile app industry has been transforming the way we use our mobile devices. With Apple and Google leading the way with their iOS and Android platforms, mobile app stores have quickly become a vital revenue stream for the platforms and for game developers. With millions of people using mobiles on a daily basis, games in mobile app stores have seen incredible download numbers over the years. 


Some games have set the bar high with what they deliver to mobile gamers, with Pokemon Go, Candy Crush Saga, and PUBG Mobile, being some of the most downloaded games on mobile devices. Even though Candy Crush Saga was first introduced to mobile back in 2012, it is still widely played and has become one of the highest grossing mobile games. King, developers of the game, have also gone on to release more titles relating to Candy Crush which have also been hugely popular with mobile users. 


Mobile app development has not only helped to boost new games but it’s also helped to boost the awareness of games available on other mediums too. For example, Monopoly is an iconic board game that has been able to reach a new audience on mobile with the release of the Monopoly mobile game developed by Marmalade Game Studio. Released only a few years ago, it’s a game that has quickly gone on to be one of the top paid apps on both iOS and Google Play. 

Over time, mobile software has developed in line with user expectations so graphics are excellent and there is no compromise with gameplay features. With many users owning mobile devices, players are able to access their online player accounts via their mobile with the touch of a few buttons from anywhere they like, as long as there is an internet or mobile data connection. Easy accessibility and fast downloads are just a few of the advantages that mobile app stores have over other platforms. 

The growing popularity of mobile gaming apps

Although there are many gamers who play games on desktop and consoles, mobile gaming has also fast become a popular platform to use too. In fact, according to an article from Tech Crunch in 2019, mobile gaming has quickly become a phenomenon over the years. Research has found that 50% of those who download mobile apps play mobile games, which makes this category just as popular as music applications. Their article also highlights how global gaming has seen billions of dollars in investments so mobile gaming is now a $68.5b global business. 

A recent Tech Jury article backs up the growing popularity of mobile gaming too and highlights some interesting mobile gaming statistics. For example, their article shows that 21% of Android and 25% of iOS apps that are downloaded are games. One of the most popular genres was also puzzle games with 57.9% of games played being from that category. Since a lot of advancements have been made with mobile devices over the years, there are now a lot of users spending their mobile time gaming.

Reaching a wider audience within the casino industry

The growth of mobile technology has helped game companies look towards prioritizing mobile gaming experiences. Not only have developers been focusing on delivering the latest puzzle games and strategy games for mobile, but slot game developers have also been developing mobile-accessible slots too. To cater to a wider audience in today’s competitive iGaming market, there are now many casino operators who have mobile apps available on app stores too. On app stores like Google Play, adult players can download apps for top casino operators to play the latest slot games, jackpots, and live casino games. 

For beginner players who don’t know where to start with mobile gambling, luckily there are plenty of useful informative guides online that can teach people the basics, such as showing them everything they need to know about deposit limits and slot bonus features. If players struggle to find which casinos are reputable and recommended to play at, they can always use a casino review site to assess which appropriate casinos are best to play with. Mobile games have helped develop the iGaming industry by making games accessible to adults on their mobiles and tablet devices which has helped casino businesses reach a wider target audience. 

Bringing popular game franchises to mobile

In recent years, some game developers have even made the leap into adapting popular video game franchises available on consoles for mobile devices. For example, in 2016, Pokemon Go hit the market and was hugely successful around the world. Both new and old fans of Pokemon, could head outdoors and play the app on the go as they went to capture nearby Pokemon in their location. 

PUBG Mobile (PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds) also started out as a computer game but was later adapted for mobile devices with a mobile game too. This game is one of the most popular in the battle royale game craze right now and has had a big impact on mobile gamers and fans of PUBG. With more people than ever owning mobile devices, accessibility to mobile apps and games is the best it has ever been.