Easy Ways To Run A Virtual Fitness Business In The Pandemic

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The pandemic permanently changed the fitness industry. Since the fitness industry operates with a network and thrives on communities, it has become extremely challenging for them to stay afloat. Many fitness centers around the world had to shut their business since governments across the globe mandated that they stay closed to prevent the spread of COVID19. 

Despite the obstacles, the fitness industry has come up with creative ways to rise to the occasion. There are so many people who have suddenly turned to fitness in the pandemic because now they have extra time on their hands. Initially, time spent on traveling to and fro work is now available for them to invest in their hobbies and interests.

This had led to a large number of people seeking fitness guidance virtually. For a fitness instructor or fitness business owner, running a remote business is highly beneficial. It increases their customer base tremendously since there are no geographical barriers. It also saves a lot of money as you don’t even need a full-fledged gym setup to get virtual clients.

Here are some of the easiest ways to run a fitness business virtually and keep the revenue coming in:

  • Create a well-defined fitness model:

Starting any business without planning is a fruitless attempt. For a successful virtual fitness business, you need to be well-prepared to offer clients the most bang for their buck. Based on your training methods, choose a business model that will benefit you and your clients both.

For instance, if you are a Zumba instructor you can provide group training sessions. If you specialize in strength training, you may want to focus on one client at a time to ensure they don’t end up making mistakes and hurting themselves by doing the wrong movement.

  • Make use of technology:

Thanks to the advancement in technology, there are various tools available that can assist your business. Using video conferencing software can help you deliver coaching to clients regardless of their location. Moreover, you can record and share training videos with clients to train and practice by themselves. 

One such software is Adobe Connect that allows you to have virtual meetings with multiple people at one time. So whether your business model requires you to train one person at a time or 20, it is an ideal option to train your clients without any lag.

  • Create a dedicated space:

For a successful virtual fitness business, you need a professional-looking training space. Even if you have a small budget, you can just clear up a room in your house to create a clean and distraction-free training space so the clients can clearly see what you are teaching.

Make sure you have the necessary training equipment to help clients understand the right way to do an exercise. Having a well-lit space with zero noise interruptions can help you build a very professional impression. 

  • Understand your clients:

Above everything else, you need to study your clients to be able to deliver noteworthy results. Make sure you get all the information you need about a client before creating their fitness plan. This gives you direction and helps you monitor the results.

No two clients are the same, nor do they respond similarly to a given training method. Regularly seeking updates and tracking their progress can help you tailor your efforts to bring better results. 


It’s not easy setting up a virtual fitness business, especially since the competition is fierce. It is challenging to grab attention since people now have access to international trainers online. But with the right strategies, you can create a community that values your services. Giving great service to your clients will help you gain word-of-mouth publicity which can help you grow your virtual fitness business.

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