TruthFinder Overview: Looking Deep into Background Checker


People often wonder if they could possibly find out their relatives, old friends, or anyone by just writing their names and finding their whole history. As the development has made it possible to spy on people or find their data, it must be iconic if we could find someone with their name.

For this reason, there are many applications offering to find people’s target by requiring their name, phone number, or any email address. One can get to know the whole identity of people by adding their names in the lookup services. There are reverse lookup applications that claim to provide information, but after installment, they turn out to be a scam or not exactly what they claim to be.

This TruthFinder review will let you understand how the application works and what it offers to the users.

However, here shows you four applications that provide authentic information about people:

Part 1: What Legitimate Features Are Offered by TruthFinder?

TruthFinder legit application offers genuine service and displays data of the target person through many means such as their name, phone number, or email address.

  •       People Search

This option requires the user to enter the name and state where the target person lives. This initial step would let the application find out the target person’s identity, social media accounts, date of birth, and age. The people search feature also finds out information like the background history of the target person and his criminal record like court entries and registered cases on target.

  •       Reverse Phone Lookup

The TruthFinder’s reverse phone lookup service requires the phone number of the required person and returns his information. The data includes his email addresses and phone numbers of the person. If he has any kind of criminal history like assault cases, felonies, court proceedings, and criminal records, the service shows it.

The registered business details on the target’s phone number will also be revealed. Personal information like the target’s registration on websites, his children, marriages, and divorces would also be displayed.

  • Email Search

TruthFinder provides email lookup service. If someone wants to catch the fake or bully email-sender, he can put the email address on TruthFinder’s search bar and find his identity. If he has made his social media accounts on that email, it will also be shown to the user. The service reveals dark web uploaded content to the users and the business matters registered on his email address.

  • Search by Address

TruthFinder enables the user to find someone by their home address. You simply have to type the house address of the target. The application would find the records of all tenants living there. It finds the name, age, educational records, social media accounts, and criminal history of the target.

Moreover, if there is any harasser or criminal registered in the neighborhood area, the app will also display it.

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Part 2: What are the Quality Benefits that TruthFinder Offers?

The application has many key features, which leads it to be the best people finder service and public information search engine around the world.

  • Transparency

TruthFinder has a fair credit reporting act, which makes it illegal to use the information against anyone with the help of the application. The application is very clear about its policies and does not shelter any misuse of the target’s data. Even after accessing any criminal history of the target, you cannot assess tenants or employees.

  • Easy User-experience

It has been reported that the software has an easy and accessible procedure to find people. It does not contain any made-up or difficult-to-understand information. Furthermore, the application has an option to download it on the phone. It makes it easier for the user to download and access data reports.

  • Large Database

The application has a huge database that makes it an easy task to find records of people as old as 25 years old. The application is interlinked with many public search engines and database directories, due to which it discovers information.

  • Lowers Down the Criminal Cases

TruthFinder is being used by detectives and different organizations that cannot directly access national or international database directories. Due to which the software helps them to catch criminals or people with fishy past records.

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Part 3: What Betterment can be Done in the Software?

TruthFinder is undoubtedly the preferable choice of individuals for finding someone. However, some changes might make it an exceptional reverse lookup and people finder service.

  • Offer a Trial Membership

TruthFinder does not offer trials or any live demo to the users. It would help some users to know how to use the application and identify if this is what they are looking for. Many users have faced the problem of not knowing what to do with the user control panel of the application.

  • Allow Purchasing Individual Reports

TruthFinder can improve the user experience and reviews by allowing them to purchase individual reports. It does offer individual reports, but only if the user signs up and pays for the membership. Most people do not make many background checks in a month. So, it would assist them.

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Part 4: How Much Does TruthFinder Cost?

Here, we will acknowledge how much TruthFinder costs people. The application offers three sorts of plans for individuals. There is a one-month reverse phone number lookup service that costs $4.99 per month. However, the application does not offer background checks. One can only find the record associated with the target’s phone number. 

The one-month membership costs $27.78 per month and offers multiple background checks in the package. The two-month membership costs $23.78 for two months as the TruthFinder offers a discount on combined membership. The software offers both phone lookup service and background checks in the membership.

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Part 5: Alternatives of TruthFinder

There are other public search engines and services available that are connected to the database directory. These services find out data of targets just like TruthFinder does. They include:


The TruthFinder reviews has concluded that the TruthFinder application can search someone by different means, i.e., by their name, phone number, email address, or home address. You are only required to enter the required information on the webpage of the application. The software has transparency and clear policies. It does not allow people to misuse the information to affect anybody’s employment.

The software has lowered the crime rate and helps the agencies to find the criminal records of people. It offers three kinds of membership and has a comparatively lesser cost. This review of TruthFinder would surely help people to find accurate data about lookup services.

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