Check out this deal for AUKEY’s PowerTitan 300 and PowerZeus 500


AUKEY is known for creating various accessories designed for mobile products, but did you know that they also create power stations? For those unfamiliar, power stations are kind of like massive portable batteries that can juice up more than just your smartphone. They’re perfect for instances like camping trips or when the power is out and you need some backup juice.

If you are in the market for such a device, then you’ll be pleased to learn that AUKEY has announced a $40 discount on both its PowerTitan 300 and PowerZeus 500. Both devices are currently on sale on AUKEY’s website where they are priced at $249.99 and $406.98 respectively.

AUKEY is offering an additional $40 off by using the AUKEYPLUS discount code, which will bring the prices down to $209.99 and $369.98 respectively. Note that this deal will only run until the 28th of May, so be sure to take advantage of the discount code before it’s too late.

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