10 Best Free Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Decoder & Lookup


A vehicle is the most expensive decision that you are going to make. When you purchase a car, you need to ensure its condition and safety, so there need to be proper ways that will help to make the right decisions.

VIN lookup tools are vital and beneficial that provide you extra details when you need to know about the vehicle’s make, year, model, country, etc. Nowadays, VIN decoding can be done online through various websites to decode and look up your VIN. This article will guide you on different and efficient VIN decoder and lookup.

What is a VIN number? 

A 17-character VIN number is assigned to every vehicle by the manufacturer. It reveals a range of details of the car, including country of origin, model year, serial number, and even where it was assembled. VIN number is a great way to begin if you are planning to purchase a used vehicle to see the car recalls and want to know about its history. 

Although it seems like a random string of numbers and strings, there is actually a code that gives you details about insurance records, police records, and the vehicle’s components. However, the VIN number is an important tool when it comes to proving vehicle ownership and verifying ownership.

  • VinPit – Easy to Use and Powerful VIN Lookup
  • AutoCheck – Get US Cars Details Free of Cost
  • CARFAX – Secure and Precise VIN Lookup System
  • EpicVIN – Ease Vehicle Identification within Seconds 
  • Bumper – Simple Interface with Easy to Use Lookup Method
  • carVertical – Buy your Car after Vehicle Report Satisfaction

1. Vinpit – The Best Free Vin Decoder

When you need to purchase a car and ensure its condition, then the VinPit should be your priority for a free VIN check. 

1.1 Revolutionizing VIN Check with VinPit

It is a lookup website that has many things to tell you about your vehicle, motorcycle, and ATVs. VinPit is the rapidly growing vehicle history report provider that is based on the web and can be accessed through any browser via the Internet. 

You can do a free VIN lookup based on the state, make, autotype, and others. The report shows you the vehicle’s specifications, the covered distance, odometer readings, previous accidents, and an actual market value. The site allows you to decode the VINs based on the state or make. Therefore, it has a resourceful database that spreads in the 50 states of the US. 

All that is needed is a simple VIN test to pull an electronic report showing NMVTIS indicators including, title and product testing, odometer readings, and previous damage tests, as well as open false checks, pre-sales lists, and theft documents.

VinPit is committed to providing information on vehicle background. It provides accurate information from reliable sources as its main focus. Reports include almost all important records, so you are able to find what you need. VinPit reports aggregate data to create visibility and help you to clear the whole background of the car you selected.

1.2 Why We Need to Check Vin Number Before Purchasing A Car

A free VIN number check is always a handful when you are going to buy a used car. Besides all the basic information, you will get to know about the vehicle’s model, date of manufacturing, and its specifications. Here are some reasons that make sense for why we need to check the VIN number before getting a used car.

  • Authenticity and Genuineness 

If you want to buy a car, it is important to check everything about the vehicle, whether it is fair or not. A VIN report assures the authenticity of a vehicle by providing the manufacturers’ name, origin, and date, etc. When things are smooth to proceed with, you can use it to your advantage.

  • Damage Records and Recalls

A VIN check reveals the mishaps that happened to the car that might affect the ability to run safely. You can also get the recalls for the car and search out if it’s had regular services, such as oil changes.

  • Market Value

To know the valuable insights of the amount that people in your area are willing to pay to have that specific model vehicle, then this would be reachable by VIN search. 

  • Safety Ratings

It shows the results of the comprehensive test program held by the IIHS. By safety ratings, you will get to know about the crashworthiness of the vehicle. 

  • Legality of the Vehicle

If you are buying from a reputable dealer, you will not have to worry about whether the car is legally available for sale. If, on the other hand, you are buying from a private owner, make sure the car has a free and clear title. For this purpose, the VIN report notifies you if a vehicle has ever been reported stolen.

1.3 How to Do A Free Vin Number Check by VinPit

The decision to purchase a vehicle depends on the extraction of a vehicle history report. VinPit is a useful tool that gives the surety that the vehicle is safe and not involved in harmful activities.

Here are quick and easy steps to completely free VIN checks by VinPit. 

Step 1: You need to have a VIN number of a vehicle to begin the process. Locate the VIN that could be found beside the engine.

Step 2: Next, open the VinPit website from any browser. Enter the VIN number on the search place.

Step 3: Press the ‘Start Search’ option, and get all the possible details about the vehicle that you are looking to buy.

Tap Here to Get a Detailed and Precise Vehicle Report using VinPit >>

2. AutoCheck

This VIN number decoder provides you services to check and compare the vehicles with authentic AutoCheck sources. AutoCheck validates the review records for vehicles and a recall test. Its large database is used for the production of algorithmic scores based on various model years of the vehicles.

The decoder is more reachable than the leading competition in the market. It has an easy interface and payment options that make it a handy VIN decoder. According to Experian, industry experts use AutoCheck to provide potential customers with important and useful data on car history. Car Dealers, the leading US auction and pre-owned applications, use AutoCheck generally.

Do a Free US Vehicle Checking by using AutoCheck! 


CARFAX is a highly trusted VIN checker for car buyers and used car shoppers. It has the most extensive car history databases with thousands of retailers and offers a wide range of detailed car history reports. 

CARFAX reports show significant data about the car history, odometer reading, theft/junk reports, and more. It also gives initial data that the vehicle you are watching was in the crash. 

Moreover, it has helped used car dealers around the world to build confidence with their customers and sell their American cars confidently. Carfax claims to have built its database with more than 14 billion documents with the help of partners and its resources.

Get the Vehicle Checked with Accuracy before Buying through CARFAX <<

4. EpicVIN

EpicVin is a reliable and authentic service provider from the first visit to the website. It verifies written information and accounts, including the model year, engine type, makes, production country, body style, and more.

EpicVin also provides vehicle update records and additional resources including, VIN decoder and memory testing. The platform claims to provide accurate and complete vehicle information without overpricing, which seems to be a distinctive key feature that makes it an inexpensive alternative.

This VIN decoder is user-friendly and provides an extremely efficient service that is appropriate for dealers and their clients. The EpicVin test is one of the most important tools that will help you ensure that your car’s condition is as good as the sellers can say. 

Verify Vehicle Condition before Buying within Seconds through EpicVIN!

5. Bumper

You have a chance to learn more about your vehicle by searching for license plate, VIN number, make, year, and model. Bumper provides you information about accidents/rescue records, the market value for used and new vehicles, and informs you of reminders and warranties.

You will receive unlimited reports of cheap and accurate data from authentic sources such as government agencies, insurance providers, etc. Bumper VIN checking can put you in a better position to negotiate a good deal with a car by providing you with its accident report, maintenance costs, and more. 

Whether you are the owner or seller, the VIN check number is profitable. If you are trying to sell, a VIN number search can give you an idea of ​​what to expect from your car.

Do a Precise and Efficient VIN Check using Bumper >> 

6. carVertical 

It is the world’s first car history decoder that is based on blockchain. carVertical gives you full access to the vehicle history reports, including title records, accidents/thefts, genuine mileage, stolen information, estimated market price, and more. It gets data from NMVTIS as well as from various global sources.

carVertical applies special techniques to check the quality of the data and provides you tamper-proof reports based on blockchain. It is less costly than other competitors in the market. 

carVertical collects as much information as possible from different sources, verifies all the data, and uses the blockchain to verify its reliability. The company regularly updates its data and uses artificial intelligence to generate data and identify inconsistencies across databases. 

Get your Accurate and Detailed Vehicle Report before Selling through carVertical <<

7. VINinspect

It claims to be a perfect tool for both sellers and buyers that offers auto auction details with free pictures when available. VINinspect is an informative website with fast and timely data. It also obtains the vehicle history reports from NMVTIS, which gathers information from salvage auctions, insurance companies, etc. 

The platform has developed a system for car dealers, including many benefits. There are many discounts and good delivery included in the program. Dealers can create private VIN decoding, releases, discounts on other VINinspect properties, links to their ancient recording reports, and VIN documents of all kinds.

VINinspect is worth a look due to its fast reporting, competitive pricing, accurate website, simple registration process, car auction details, and a different approach may be what you want.

8. VinAudit

This platform has been a part of the system for a while and has developed a very strong nexus of the automotive record database. VinAudit aims to provide its users with authority to access the impressive history of any vehicle they wish to cross-check. It not only attracts them with accurate basic information but jumps in other unique fields.

VinAudit is known for interacting with its user market directly to the source of the data rather than going through different middlemen. It converges all the details within a comprehensive report that guides the user to make important decisions within a matter of minutes. Along with that, it has also signed up different agreements with car dealers throughout the region to make it affordable to access VinAudit reports.

Despite these facts, several users have yet complained about VinAudit for not being as comprehensive as other VIN lookup tools in the market. 

9. ClearVin

If you are in search of a tool that offers you an easy and convenient environment for carrying out VIN check tasks, ClearVin can be the breakthrough. This tool is known for interacting with agencies to clear out any irregularities across highway traffic. It is known for keeping a very strong database that is partnered with NMVTIS and the US Department of Justice.

ClearVin is recognized as a free platform that offers users a lookup system. Users who face issues in getting reports are even promised a money-back by the platform. This makes it highly effective and preferable in the market.

Users, however, have reported issues in data accuracy for ClearVin. They have reported lacking up-to-date data that degrades its position within the market.

10. VinFreeCheck

VinFreeCheck offers a free vehicle history to determine its condition. It can decode your VIN and offers you the most accurate vehicle information. You are able to find out your vehicle’s engine type, trim, tank size, or steering type. 

This platform checks the vehicle against the flooding damage database for free. Moreover, it scans all car listing sites throughout North America to provide you accurate prices, which prevents you from overcharging for a vehicle. 

In the summary section of the VinFreeCheck report, you can quickly see that the truck is not involved in any flood or has a lemon head given to the title of the car. For more details, you can receive the premium report for more detailed information, such as that of the accident.


The above article has ended the discussion on free VIN lookup and decoder with their major features. You can avail chance by completely viewing the vehicle history report provided by the VIN decoders. Being web-based, they can be readily accessible from any browser. You do not want to be frustrated with the wrong product, so invest in a good product by choosing the right decoder for you.

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