Niagara Launcher v1.2 beta adds app pop-ups and much more


The unique thing about launchers is that they can completely change how you use and interact with your device. With something like Nova Launcher, you can use it to create something that looks like a Pixel home screen, or you can go off the wall by integrating KWGT widgets for something different. But then there are other launchers, like Niagara Launcher that introduce a minimalistic approach to the home screen, providing quick access to the apps that you use the most.

Niagara Launcher is a newcomer to the Play Store, as it just landed on the Play Store in February after spending some time in its alpha and beta stages. The first update introduced a new weather widget along with some new animations, and now we are getting some additional functionality for interacting with your favorite apps.

The latest beta update brings the version number up to v1.2 while adding new “app pop-ups” to quickly view your apps without actually opening them. With this feature, you’ll be able to simply swipe right on any app and get access to notifications, shortcuts, or even pop-up widgets. And if you are a Niagara Pro subscriber, you’ll be able to personalize what the pop-up shows every time that you swipe on it.

Perhaps an even bigger addition is the all-new folder support so you can properly organize your apps. This is useful if you have hundreds of apps installed, and don’t want to scroll through the list forever just to try and find an app or two. It seems that the developers plan on bringing folder creation to all users, but Niagara Pro subscribers will have the ability to customize everything about the folders, along with viewing pop-up folders from the app list.

If you want to experience a different Home Screen experience, then you can follow the instructions here on how to join the Niagara Launcher beta program. There is an extremely active Discord community where you can share your setups, along with view all of the latest information about the different beta builds that are being released.


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