May 10th, 2021 publishUpdated   May 12th, 2021, 9:01 am

Google Play has had very strict policies in regard to gambling mobile apps. As a matter of fact, such applications were allowed in only four countries – Brazil, France, Ireland and the UK. However, recently Google announced some exciting news – a shift in restrictions that will permit online betting apps in 15 more countries. The new change of policy took place on March 1st and now Australia, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Romania, Spain, Sweden, and the United States all have the option to earn real money through a wide range of digital wagering apps.

Android users will naturally be restricted by their own country’s current laws on online gambling so we can’t hold the App Store responsible if we want to play a fantasy sports game on our mobile device but the government doesn’t allow it. Online lottery games, for example, that aren’t overseen by the government, are generally restricted in most countries apart from the UK. 

This new policy, however, isn’t going to give an easier time to newcomers who aim to launch a gambling app. There is a whole application process to suffer through so app developers conform to all exciting laws and get a license to run a betting app in their respective country.

Restrictions in the United States have always been placed on states individually and that has not changed in 2021. Online betting was legal only in a handful of states like Mohegun Sun Casino which is still only available in New Jersey. If you’re a resident there though, you can download it via Google Play Store and get a sweet bonus deal, using a promo code on the Mohegun sun mobile app.

Welcoming packages are a real game-changer for newbie gamblers and are bound to give the user a more positive betting experience. With the Mohegun Sun Casino online app you can enjoy a $20 no deposit bonus that comes with the chance to earn a bonus of up to $1000. 

If you’re over 21, it’s super easy to register which takes up to 48 hours and then you can start investing in your good luck. The Mega Jackpot is $500,000 and is waiting to be hit. The online casino also gives away weekly entry bonuses of $1500 and what’s even greater about this – you can win it multiple times so it proves useful to check the website on a daily basis. 

As the old casino saying goes – be with your head, not over it, so gamble responsibly. Some gambling apps allow loot boxes and placing online bets on Wall Street but Google’s new change in policy will help in restricting these gambling mechanics and only greenlighting apps that rely on real financial funds. 

The Mohegan Sun App uses real money and can be easily downloaded on all Android devices. The platform is super user-friendly and makes it easy to deposit money directly into your account, take advantage of all bonuses and then withdraw your winnings. The last step is to spend them!