May 4th, 2021

There are a lot of options available when you’re looking for a smart scale, but there’s no denying that the Withings Body Cardio is arguably the best of the bunch. This smart scale can provide a multitude of different measurements, including BMI, weight, body fat, body water, and even your heart rate. Today, the company has released an update that introduces the ability to measure your ‘Vasuclar Age’.

With this update, the Body Cardio becomes the first commercially available smart scale to provide this measurement. As for what it means, here is the description from Withings:

Developed by leading cardiologists, Vascular Age provides a daily, easy-to-understand assessment of arterial health. It accomplishes this by showing people how their cardiovascular health compares to the norms expected within their age bracket, with an estimate of their inner heart age and an indication of whether it is optimum, normal, or not optimum for their chronological age.

Essentially, Withings is using Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) to measure how stiff your arteries are, as this is a great indicator for how healthy your heart is. The technology is being used in doctor’s offices everywhere, and now, you can get the same measurement from the comfort of your own home. With PWV, different risks can be identified such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and more. And one of the best aspects of this is that it only takes around 30 seconds to measure before you can see the results.

The Withings Body Cardio is one impressive piece of technology, and is definitely something worth considering if you’re looking at getting a better idea of your health. Withings is rolling out the update to the Body Cardio today, so just fire up the companion app to get Vascular Age measuring added to your smart scale.

Withings Body Cardio

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