VIP-SCDkey Windows 10 PRO OEM Key $15 and Office 2016 $26!


If you’re looking to build a new computer, start a new business, or maybe get a computer for school, there are certain softwares that we just cannot avoid. This usually comes in the form of Windows and Microsoft Office, both of which are more or less the staple when it comes to productivity for most people.

This can sometimes represent a huge cost, especially if you’re just a small business owner or a student, but not to worry because the good folks at VIP-SCDkey are holding a sale right now where you can grab yourself a copy of Windows 10 Pro for $15, or Office 2016 for $26 by using the skpha discount code that knocks 20% off the price.

Why is OEM so cheap?

If you’ve ever gone to Microsoft’s website and taken a look at the prices the company charges for the retail key for Windows 10 Home, Pro, or their Office lineup, you might be shocked at the prices that VIP-SCDkey is offering. For those concerned, don’t worry, OEM keys are legitimate.

OEM keys are typically sold to computer manufacturers who might have to purchase thousands, if not millions, of copies of Windows to install. Obviously at the retail price, this would be astronomical, which is why OEM keys are so cheap. The downside to OEM keys is that they are typically locked to the computer you installed it on.

This means that if you need a fresh copy of Windows, you’ll need a new key. This is versus retail where as long as you uninstalled the previous copy of Windows, you’re good to install it on the new computer using the same key. Of course, at the prices VIP-SCDkey is offering, it could still be cheaper to just buy multiple OEM keys at the end of the day.

Don’t miss VIP-SCDkey’s other deals

In addition to selling productivity software suites like Windows or Office, VIP-SCDkey also sells other types of software. This can come in the form of antivirus software and other tools, as well as games. There are a ton of games to choose from and you can even purchase games for other platforms like Steam or Origin.

Just be sure that you don’t forget to use the skpha discount code upon checking out to take advantage of the 20% discount!

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A graphic novelist wannabe. Amateur chef. Mechanical keyboard enthusiast. Writer of tech with over a decade of experience. Juggles between using a Mac and Windows PC, switches between iOS and Android, believes in the best of both worlds.

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